Watkins Regional park, MD

George had a few days off from work so I decided that we should go on a few field trips. I heard about this playground from friends, kidfriendlydc blog, and web searches for the best playgrounds in the area. The Watkins Regional Park is a Wizard of Oz themed playground. The theme is very well recognized as soon as you start walking along the yellow brick road and under the rainbow. I remember watching the Wizard of Oz a couple of times a year as the Disney family night movie. It’s weird to say but the kids are more entertained by The Muppets Wizard of Oz more than the original.

The kids all took their time exploring every inch of the playground. There’s the corn field, Auntie Em’s, the Emerald City and a lot more. After exploring everything once,the kids set off into different directions. Duke and Pooh were in love with the tractor. They could take turns pretending to drive. All three boys favorite thing was the chicken coop, a maze with slides and climbing walls. I don’t remember seeing Pippi and Jem much. They went off on their own and just wondered around. I will say the playground is probably intended for ages 6 and under. Bubbles found herself wondering around as well before she found the swings. She quickly made friends with another girl her age and was content to talk and swing with her new friend. I think my only complaint would be that the playground itself doesn’t offer much for shade. Thankfully there is a restroom and water fountain near by for potty and water breaks. This playground is definetly a must visit if you are in the area.




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