Baptism Dinner 2016

This year was our Baptism Dinner was made even more special by the canonization of our favorite saints. Mother Teresa has always held a very special place in our hearts and her cannonization made our dinner seem alot more special. The night before the Pippi, Jem, and Bubbles altar served while the rest of us did our best to participate and enjoy Mass. We also signed up to serve our Parish by setting up and cleaning up for Meet & Greet. We wanted to all serve our Parish in a way that would make Mother Teresa proud. The girls did a great job as usual altar serving and the boys weren’t too bad during Mass. We also enjoyed talking to some friends and ate a little snack before cleaning up and heading home.

The next morning we got up excited to watch Mother Teresa’s canonization. We really do appreciate that EWTN and Catholic TV are available via the Internet. Before the canonization we watched an animated video about Mother Teresa. The canonization was beautiful. I love the cross that they had made to carry her relic. So beautiful and simple. It really was a powerful moment to hear her called Saint Mother Teresa.

This year Jem was in charge of the lasagna and Pippi was in charge of dessert. Jem did a really good job cooking the noodles just right. The layering also seemed to be something that she could do pretty easily. I really love that she is coming into cooking/baking. This year it was made without ricotta and there was very little leftover. There was no talking at the table as the kids were really enjoying their special lasagna.

Pippi on the other hand decided to go a very untraditional route. She decided to make a sort of ice cream cake. I found this recipe on The recipe is a few ingredients and easy directions. It was so easy my 11 year old pulled it off. Make sure to check out their YouTube channel for more great recipes. The kids happily enjoyed their delicious treat after singing happy birthday to each one. I think that’s most of the kids favorite part.

It was another great celebration. I love that we have decided not only to celebrate the day they were physically born but also the day that they were all forgiven of original sin and welcomed into the Catholic Faith. Plus for me it’s a great way to break up the end of summer before Halloween and All Saints Day. Please feel free to email your suggestion for next years Baptism Dinner as well as any Baptism Dinner stories you would like to share. Happy Wednesday!


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