Walker Mills Park, MD

A couple of weeks ago we decided to visit another popular themed playground in Maryland. Walker Mills playground has a cute woodland wonderland theme. I heard about it from friends and web searches. I like to find the most unique playgrounds I can. Those seem to be the ones that the kids remember the most.

The first thing that we noticed was that we were going to have to walk up a hill. Trust me on this it’s worth it. Once we got up the hill the kids went crazy. There is something for everyone. Well, again I would say that it’s better for ages 8 and under. Pippi and Bubbles are always such good sports when we got out to explore new places. It really is hard to find something that a 3 year old and an 11 year old will enjoy.

There is plenty of playground equipment for the kids to play on. There’s a long slide that goes downhill to an anthill. Pooh and Baby Kermit went down only once but Bubbles and Duke loved it. There are swings and some more slides and jungle gym type equipment. There are woodland animals all over the place. Make sure to check out the cute little scavenger to find some of the hidden animals. The best part on a hot day was the mini mist area. There are buttons that the kids press and misters spray at different spots. My favorite parts were a Jamaican frog that plays music and the cute mushroom shaped umbrellas with tables under them. It was a perfect spot to sit and knit.

Final thoughts: The only negative I found was that you have to walk up the hill. There are a lot of positives. There is a water fountain and restroom nearby. No you don’t have to walk downhill for that.  There’s plenty of playground equipment for most ages. There’s also  a skateboard park for those that have older kids that are into that. All in all I would say this is another great playground that the kiddos will be talking about for years.

This playground isn’t far from Watkins Regional playground. Check out what it has to offer here.



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