President Lincoln’s Cottage, DC

A couple of weeks ago we had to opportunity to visit Abraham Lincoln’s cottage. One of the great things about living in the DC area is that there are always some really great events going on. Our homeschool group does an awesome job of sharing information about a lot of the events happening in the area. I was very excited to see this location pop up with a Family Day event. The cottage is on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. We have visited the AFRH on a few occasions in the past. The kids have sang and brought cards to the amazing people that live there. It was through an amazing outreach program our parish was doing.

The Family Day event was free but we did have to pay to take a tour of the cottage itself. Let me just say it was worth paying to take the tour. The cottage has some really kewl features. I want give any away but if you go make sure to ask about the shutters. The tour mostly consists of stories from other people about Abraham Lincolns time while living in the cottage. The stories vary and even go into talking about the First National Cemetery and the Emancipation Proclamation. I also want to make sure to say that the staff are all very friendly and helpful. They were great with the kids and were happy to answer their questions.

After the hour long tour of the cottage we took a quick look around the gift shop and museum exhibits. We also stopped for potty breaks before heading back outside.  We decided to have a snack before checking out all the kewl activities. I brought pepperoni, cheese and crackers as well as carrot sticks and apples. I am always amused at the fact that the kids can so quickly eat a bag of carrot sticks. It was a good little meal for it being so hot outside. We also did our best to make sure everyone got enough water.

There were a lot of fun things for the kids to do. As a family we made a family tree with our finger prints. Bubbles was silly and didn’t get her finger print on a branch. We made each kiddo got a different color ink for their finger print. Then we moved over to the next tent to make Lincoln hats. The volunteers were very helpful with the kids construction of their hats. Their was a small set of Civil War still tents set up with different gear from the era. The girls were also able to help with a Unity project that involved a beautiful color yarn. The best part was the musket demonstration. Some older men were dressed up in Buck soldier uniforms with muskets showed off the different commands. They fired their muskets a good number of times while telling stories of Abraham Lincoln and talking about uses for the musket. I kept thinking I hope these guys live in the AFRH that place is really nice.

I’m glad we were able to spend our morning learning about President Lincoln’s cottage and enjoying the free family day events. I want to make sure to mention that there is a playground near by as well as picnic tables. We didn’t end up having time to enjoy the playground as the boys were getting a little cranky. The kids all really enjoyed our field trip and getting to explore history in a very fun way.





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