Throw Back Thursday: October 2013 

Adventure in DC : So yesterday morning our neighbors brought over some tickets to The Washington International Horse Show. After a night of crying baby, Baby Kermit, we decided to sleep a few more hours before getting up and seeing what it was all about. So get the info and we decide it’s worth a trip to downtown DC. We rush to get all the kids ready and head to BK for lunch. We quick eat our lunch and head to the Anacostia Metro station. (so in the back of my head I am thinking this is going to be near my fears of zombie clowns. I am going cry, hide my children, and never leave base again.)

There was actually a very nice man working the booth at the Metro station who offered up lots of help and a friendly smile to boot. At the platform we come across a very interesting character which the kids can’t help but talk to since he insisted on sitting near us after making the comment “oh look there’s white people.” (This is seriously the comment that was made) The train ride was alot of jerking back and forth from the constant stopping and going. We got to our stop only to find out we should have gotten off at the stop before. I am nauseous at that point and need a bathroom. As we walked along 7th street there weren’t many places that looked like they would offer a public restroom. I spotted a McDonald’s and thought we would be safe. To my surprise the door to the restroom required a token. Thankfully I found some kind ladies at a near by bar that took pity on me and poor Bubbles.

We make our way to the box office to find out we have completely missed the kids day stuff but hey why not see what this whole horse show thing is about. It’s hard to turn down something free and an opportunity to experience something new. The kids were instantly drawn in. Even the 2 boys, Duke and Pooh, enjoyed themselves. Baby Kermit was just happy to eat and been out of the stroller for a bit. Not sure how long we stayed but long enough for the kids to get their fill of Show Jumping Horses. So we headed back to the near by Metro station. And again things go pretty smoothly getting on and off of the train. The kids loved the ride and behaved the entire day. We even made it back in time for Mass and George’s KOC meeting. The kids were happy to enjoy there dinner of French toast and bacon before being sent to bed. It was a much needed day out for all of us and very enjoyable, WE CAN SURVIVE THE METRO 🙂


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