Brookside Gardens,MD

I would have to say we found another jewel in the DC, MD, and VA area.  I sat down one day to do research on places we should visit before the colder temps. I found Brookside Gardens.  My first thoughts were that hey this place looks pretty nice and its free. I added it to our calendar in hopes that we would get to visit in the near future.

The kids saw the Brookside Gardens on the calendar and asked repeatedly if we were going. I decided to make a deal with them. If they would spend most of their Saturday cleaning the house we would go to Pizza Hut and the Brookside Gardens.A few of them were reluctant at first but I am happy to say for the most part they did a good job cleaning up.

On Sunday morning we got up as usual and cleaned up a little before heading to Pizza Hut. The older 4 each earned a free pizza coupon through Book It for reading in the month of October. The funny thing is though the kids don’t really need to be coaxed with free pizza to read. Most of the time I have to take books or bring them back to reality to do a chore. They love reading and our many trips to the library.

After lunch we headed to Brookside Gardens only a few minutes down the road. I wasn’t exactly sure what were in for but again it was free so even if it was lame that would be ok.Once we arrived at the gardens I could tell we would at least have a nice time outside. The weather was perfect. There were still some flowers in bloom and the leaves are all starting to change in normal fall fashion. There was plenty of space for the kids to run and explore. There are 4 buildings on/near the garden grounds. The first is the Visitors Center. It includes the gardens gift shop, an information desk, and restrooms. The second in the Conservatory. It includes 2 gardens, a gift shop and restrooms. Then there’s the Nature Center. It includes a children’s room, observation area and more. The fourth and last building is the Harper Homestead. The home of the Harper family, an African American family in the 1870’s. The kids had fun making their own tin art and playing old school board games.

I can’t even begin to explain how awesome this place is. This was perfect for the deal that I made with the kids. It was alot of walking and running and exploring. Just what the kids needed.  We had the best time visiting Brookside Gardens. I am hoping we can go back over the next month or so for the Garden of Lights event.

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