Calvert Cliffs, MD

First I would like to say I am sorry for anyone who is disappointed that this is not a board game post. I have already shared the best games that we currently own. We havent been able to visit our favorite local board game shop in the past couple of months. If you have any suggestion of what game we should buy next or a game you would like to know more about please comment below or send an email to

During the summer I did alot of research about parks and places we could visit that were free or cheap. I made a short list and decided we should try to visit as many as possible. I choose Calvert Cliffs because of suggestions from friends and the thought of fossil hunting sounded fun. We have friends that live nearby so we decided we could meet up with them and enjoy the cliffs and the company of friends.
We arrived at the parking lot early enough for the kids to explore the playground. The kids climbed, crawled, jumped, swung, and ran around this really awesome playground.  There’s a car, a snake, and a kewl swing. All of the kids could have probably been happy to spend the next couple of hours just playing at the playground. I totally think it’s worth visiting again just for the playground.

The 1.8 mile hike to the cliffs started out well. The kids all tried to run too far ahead and had to be rangled but to where the adults were. The younger kids all fought over who was going to lead and again had to be rangled back. The hike seemed to last forever. Like w would never make it to the beach where the cliffs were located. The plus side to the hike was alot of quiet time in nature. There wasnt alot of noise or talking. The kids slowed down and it felt like we might never make it but then we could see the very blue sky and I knew we were close.

The beach area was very welcome. There was a box of sand toys to borrow as well as cups and water free to drink. The sand was covered in rocks, shells, fossils, and sticks or logs. We didnt walk very far down the beach as waking on shells and rocks hurt your feet and keeping an eye on 10 kiddos is easier when you keep them close by.

A park ranger was walking along the beach explaining about the how’s and whys of fossils and had a few examples of fossils so that the kids would know what they were looking for. The kids all dug and searched for as long as they could hoping they would find a fossil. Bubbles was successful as was Pippi. Pippi went to great lengths to shove as many rocks, shells, and fossils, in her pockets as she could. It was hilarious to watch her try to push just one more shell into her pocket.

We didn’t stay long as we had another 1.8 mile hike back to the parking lot and we were encroaching on lunch time. Several of my kiddos turn into bears when they dont eat meals at a regular time. I could tell they were starting to act out of sorts and George suggested we should head back towards the parking lot.  The hike back was alot harder. The kids were all tired out. George and I took turns carrying Pooh and Baby Kermit. I gave up on trying to keep the kids from getting too far ahead. I was just glad they didnt want me to carry them too.

We arrived exhausted at the parking lot. We slowly crawled into the van and drove to a local KFC for lunch. The kids had a blast eating lunch with their friends before we headed home for naps and relaxing. It turned out to be a really good and exhausting day but I am very glad we made the time to visit Calvert Cliffs.




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