Why I will be cutting back on Facebook ALOT 

I do my best to not over share or vent about anything specific. I try to post good messages, prayers, positive quotes, share events, and pictures. I use it to network and help other people with homeschooling, encouragement, and recipes. For some reason I need Facebook to feel connected to other Catholic Homeschool Moms, lovers of Art, Hoomans, and the Air Force. 

I have done my best not to start any lynch mobs. Have you ever heard the term lynch mob? Not sure? Ok I say man I hate that song Friday. Two people agree, one person comments: it’s the worst song ever, another says I actually like that song and in an instant the lynch mob begins. They chastize the poor person until they feel so low that they cry. This is Facebook. It has happened once or twice with me quickly realizing what kind of person does this make me? Why would I want to hurt someone like that?  

When you are at your lowest it hurts to check out a friends page to see they specifically singled you out. Of course without using your name. When did we start allowing Facebook to dictate our friendships?I tend to do my best to resolve problems in a friendship/relationship slowly. I like to give the Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angel some time to lead me in the right direction. I need time to breath in order to keep myself from saying all the awful things you want to say to me. I need time to process and consider what the words I express will mean. Facebook is not the place for this. Facebook gives people the opportunity to throw something out there in the heat of anger. It gives little to no room to erase the things you said while mad. It makes room for Facebook to end a friendship/relationship. I’m not saying Facebook is bad in itself. I’m saying that there’s too large of a percentage of the time that the Devil rules Facebook.  

I love that you can share pictures of what your family has been up to with family and friends that live far away. It has given me the opportunity to share lots of great homeschool info. It has also allowed me to connect and reconnect with friends I knew long ago or just met. Besides the whole friend thing that’s the reason I created my blog. My blog is here to share the many adventures, interests, and pictures. I have decided that I will better spend my time away from Facebook. I will better serve my friendships/ relationships with phone calls, personal emails, letters, or texts. It will allow me to spend more time writing blog posts and less time stressing. The biggest reason being the kids. Facebook causes me so much anxiety and stress and I know they see that. This is the best time to reformat my Facebook page and spend weeks if not months away from it. Advent starts soon and I plan to spend my time enjoying my time with Jesus and Mary, my family, friends, cat, board games, video games and other hobbies. Today is a perfect day to make better descions for the future. 

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