McWane Science Center, AL



In November I inadvertently won tickets: Congratulations to our WINSDay winner: Kim . Please email us at in the next 48 hours, so we can get you in touch with the tickets. #BFF #BFFwins2016 #WINSDay

I had won 4 tickets to the McWane Science Center before our move. The owner/publisher of the Birmingham Family and Fun magazine was very kind about me obtaining the tickets once we moved into our new house. I was very excited to have the McWane Center be my kiddos first great memory of the fun places to visit in Alabama.

Over the weekend we had a great opportunity to visit the McWane Science Center in downtown Birmingham. The kids were more than excited to go on a surprise field trip. It was kind of a reward for all the hard work and help with getting the house in order from the move. We hadn’t gotten out much since moving to Montgomery other than shopping for stuff for the house and maybe a playground here and there. I think we were all starting to get a little stir crazy especially staring at all the boxes and undecorated walls. It really was a much deserved afternoon out.

We arrived after lunch in Birmingham at the McWane Science Center. We decided to start things on the Lower Level. Within seconds the kids were running around very excited. We had found the fish, sting rays, and sharks. The boys run around looking for Nemo and Dory. Baby Kermit calls all fish Nemo so boy was he happy. Plus what kid doesn’t like touching sting rays and sharks. I love that fish bring about an automatic fascination for everyone including myself. No, I did not stick my hand in the fish water but the kids happily did. Once we had our fill of fish we headed up to the 3rd floor to explore more science there.

I think the 3rd floor quickly became the older 4 kiddos favorite floor. The whole floor is themed Art/Technology. There were many different Technology themed things to try. Duke and Baby Kermit spent alot of time building with some very unique blocks. The girls wondered around trying each thing at least twice. Pooh wasn’t as amused as the rest of them but I think he may have been suffering from overload.

Poohs favorite floor was the 2nd floor. He loved the Dino Dig. There are dinosaurs every where. All of the kids seemed very interested in learning about the Alabama dinosaurs. They listened to every little presentation and it looked as though they were studying the displays. We didn’t make it over to the Itty Bitty Magic City. There was a huge line and wait times and only the younger two would have been allowed in so we just avoided it. Pooh didn’t want to leave the dinosaurs but we had one more floor to explore.

The 1st floor was a bit more crowded as I’m guessing its the most popular. The girls took turns trying to play mindball. There were no winners. They also took turns on the bed of nails and many other really neatly put together science experiments. The boys started to get a little whiny so we decided we should head home.

We snacked on Astronaut ice cream on our drive home while chatting about our good time and listening to Rush Revere and The Presidency. This was such an amazing trip that 3 of the 8 of us took naps on the drive home. Yes, I was a napper. I take my naps when and where I can get them sometimes. I look forward to the many fun places we will have the opportunity to visit and share because of our move to Alabama. Happy Wednesday!


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