White House Egg Roll 2013

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share in place of last week but I think I found the perfect thing. In DC, we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the White House Egg Roll within the first few months of our time in DC. The sad thing was they had a stupid rule that babies werent allowed. Thankfully we had some really great neighbors who kept Pooh so that George and I could take the older four. We weren’t quite sure what to expect but we were all sleepily excited. In case you didn’t know the traditional Egg Roll activity is rolling an egg with a wooden spoon. The other obvious thing is the small egg hunts. There were lots of other fun activities including a story time, free organic apples, and other really neat demonstrations. The kids got to see some of their favorite characters like Clifford and Curious George. I think the only disappointing thing about our visit to the White House was that we didn’t see President Obama and his family. We had a really good day and it’s one that will be remembered often when we think of our time in DC.



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