Medieval Projects 2017

The older four kiddos were assigned a project in which the theme was Medieval put they were able to chose the way they presented it. The criteria was taken from The Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festivals very own classroom guide. There is a list of possible chooses and how you would rank from King to Serf. The kids chose their projects based on their talents. We recorded each kiddos presentation on our youtube channel. Click here to watch Bubbles sing a song about Knights. Click here to watch Pippi talk about Castles. Click here to watch Duke talk about Dragons. Click here to watch Jem talk about Medieval cooking.

Please take the time to watch each video, make comments, and like your favorite one. I will release the video of the winner next week. Who do you think won?


New Phototastic Collage53New Phototastic Collage54New Phototastic Collage55New Phototastic Collage56


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