Anniston,AL Museum of Natural History

I like to try and find places the kids have never been before or an educational area we haven’t touched on yet. I found out the the Anniston Museum of Natural History was going to have a presentation about animal teeth. It promised live animals so I knew that even Pooh and Baby Kermit would enjoy it. The other great thing is all of the kids really seem to love Science.

Anniston is about 2 hours from Montgomery so we tried to leave in order to arrive at the museum when it opened. Things didn’t go as planned but we did get there in enough time to walk through part of the museum before the presentation.

The presentation was amazing. The woman giving the class was great with the kids. She let the kids take turns answering and asking questions. She has actual skulls or replica fossils to pass around. The kids were able to touch them and inspect the teeth. She presented each animal and talked about its teeth and how it uses its teeth or lack there of. No one was allowed to touch the animals but all the kids respected this. I think the addition of being able to touch the skulls and replicas helped alot with this. Duke seem to get the most excited about the little Alligator. He talked the rest of the day about how he was gonna get his Uncle Kenny to get him an Alligator. The girls weren’t exactly happy about going about first but they really did enjoy the show. I know at least Duke and Bubbles know by looking at an animals mouth what type of food it eats. I call that a win.

After the presentation we went out side to take our lunch break. The kids really do start to act like they have never eaten by noon. I had taken the easy route that day and bought lunchables over our usual PB&J sandwiches.

The kids ate lunch pretty quickly because they were excited to go back inside and explore the rest of the museum. I think the kids favorite parts of the museum were the Birds of the Americas and Dynamic Earth. The took turns choosing a bird or birds to have their picture taken by. Of course Duke opted for the Alligator instead. I think his Uncle Kenny has turned him into a Gator fan. We probably could have spent another hour or so just wondering around taking everything in but we had plans to visit Kevin and Crystal at their house. We wrapped our trip there up with the purchase of some postcards for me to send to our nieces and nephews and were on our way.

This has got to be one of the best Natural History Museums we have ever been too. It is definitely a close second to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in DC.  In you live in Alabama or are planning a trip this is a must see. It was totally worth driving out of our way to see.



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