The Wizard Always Wins

Yep. We bought a new board game. This purchase was made at Target after I watched this review from Dice Tower. It looked like a perfect game to add to our growing collection. I want to put a warning in this game share. PLEASE DO NOT walk into Target/Walmart or anywhere and just buy a board game on a whim. I know that Target has some games coming out that look really good in the store but Please take the time to watch or read reviews. A few minutes can save you alot of money and help you pick a game that will fit your family. If you would like suggestions on what games to buy please check out our other posts or send me an email:

The Wizard Always Wins is a 2-5 player. The suggested age is 10+. As usual Duke and Bubbles have been able to play just fine. Duke needs a little help to keep him focused on what’s happening as he would rather play with his brothers.  This is a fun and easy game to teach/ learn.  A game can take about 30 minutes or less. This goal of the game is simple become the wizard and choose your gem from the bag.

Does this game have any educational benefits? Yes. There is counting and reading, you know the basics. There is also alot of strategizing. You take turns picking 1 of 7 characters and do their special action. You collect tokens and cards to create sets in order to purchase your gems to put in the bag. The more gems you have in the bag the better chance you have to win as the wizard. The kids got pretty competitive and were pretty upset when Dad won twice. Our kiddos loved it enough to ask to play the next morning. Jem was lucky enough to win our morning game. This really is a fun an easy family friendly game.

If you purchase The Wizard Always Wins or others we have talked about please share your experiences in the comments.




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