Vulcan Park, AL

Hi there! so a little context to Jem’s blog post. That day we went to pick up the grandparents from the airport in Birmingham, AL. We decided to spend the day in Birmingham so that we could see a drive through light display before heading back to Montgomery. We also stopped by Red Mountain Park for a short visit.


Dad decided that he was gonna take Grandpa, Grandma, and us to Vulcan park. (I think it wasn’t even a park. Where was the playground?). I don’t know what it cost but dad got some percent off because he is military (I think grandpa was in the military too). We got a list of what we had to find and questions we had to answer. A scavenger hunt. Most of the stuff was in the museum so we went in there first. It talked about how steel was made, the convention fair (You know the one with the giant chocolate Statue of Liberty?), and how Vulcan was made. I could explain how long it took and what was on the list but I’m not. There was a small gift shop and I looked at this book called the Ghost in the Saw Mill (if you look on the web for it, you won’t find it). We eventually got bored and headed up to the tower with Vulcan on top. (Did you know he’s the “god” of blacksmiths?) When we were on the top, the wind messed up my hair. At least my glasses didn’t fall off. And of course we left.

P.s. I threw a pencil down from way up there:/



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