Purrlock Holmes

Hey Pippi here, Today I’m writing about a board game that is my new favorite, Purrlock Holmes. Mom was pretty happy when Dad ordered it on Amazon. Mom has wanted it since she learned about it, now we have it! The theme of the game is based on cats and other animals. It is a newer game.

Purrlock Holmes is a 2-5 player game but I think it’s more fun with 4-5 players. It suggests ages 10+, Bubbles kept knocking over the card in front of her (But I think everyone has/had that problem). I don’t think kids younger than 8 should play. It’s pretty easy to teach the game to other people. The box says 20-30 Min. It takes us 10-30 minutes but it depends on if you have to teach others. The main object of the game is finding out who in Furriartys gang has committed the recent crime.

What’s in the box:

60 Clue cards

5 player boards

5 card stands

18 paw print tokens

2 Furriarty/Award tokens

1 Rulebook

A card is set in front of you, like a 5 o’clock Goose or another card. You get 2 cards (if you are the starting player you get 4 cards). The starting player will ask if 2 cards are leads or dead ends. Let’s say the card in front of you is a 5 o’clock Goose, You will ask if a 2 o’clock Dog is a lead or a dead end. Other players (or player) would say dead end. Can you guess what they should say about a 4 o’clock Goose? Lead! Then the starting player would pass the remaining 2 cards to the next player. When a player guessed the time or criminal or both they recieve money or  paw print tokens.The game ends when someone catches Furriarty. All players count the number on the back of the paw print tokens and who ever has the most points wins.  Who ever has the least points gets “Litter Box Inspector”.  Here is a play though that can help explain it in more depth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GaYj7mtLO8.

Educational aspect? Yes Thinking, problem solving and math.

I love the game and I hope you will too!

Your tired typer, Pippi

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