Yardsaling or Treasure hunting for adults

So I woke up that Saturday morning needing a break from being sick and medical talk. I needed at least a couple of hours without worrying about the things that have kept me so stressed the last few months. I said a prayer and knew that I needed to get out of the house and try to enjoy life instead of wanting to cry. I thought yardsaling was a great reason to get out of the house and to force me to do some socializing.

I got up pretty early that morning and once I decided we were going I just needed to have a plan before springing it on George. He’s more likely to go along with things if I have a plan. I started out by searching for yard sales in our area using multiple websites and wrote down as many as I could find.Then I took my idea to George. He said ok. and I ran back to the computer to narrow down the yard sales we would visit by location.

I chose some of the more community wide yard sales as there tend to be several in one area and that means more time shopping and less time driving around. The kids quickly got ready and we headed out on our adventure.

Yard sale day haul:

Baby Kermit: a kindergarten workbook and a beanie baby kitty. He has named it Fudge and decided its his kitty Butterscotch’s baby

Pooh: a beanie baby cat and a Domo plushie ( I still want to call them stuffed things)

Duke: a beanie baby cat, a Batman multi-tool, and a plaid comforter

Bubbles: an orange scarf, a beanie baby Pegasus, a lamp, a used sticker book, and some Shopkin’s stickers

Jem: a cap with a mustache on it, a weird Japanese inventions book, Wicked the book, a Lisa Frank kittens folder and some clothes

Pippi: sandals, a beanie baby cat, jewelry making stuff, 2 belts, a Lisa Frank kitten folder, 3 frames and some clothes

George: an exercise ball, some books, and he bought the kids more DVDs

Kim: a pocket watch necklace

The poker chips, mini heart pans, cat fabric, Zodiac fabric, and barnyard animals drawstring bag were all bought for board gaming purposes. The poker chips are for extra games pieces in case some get lost or we prefer bigger pieces. The heart pans I’m hoping will work out as dice trays. The fabric is to make some tile bags for better storage for some of our games. The barnyard animal bag is to use to store game pieces or traveling.

In total we spent about $45 dollars. That may seem like a lot but we got alot free. It rained at one point so things that had gotten wet were free. The other thing that happened was that we met some kind older people who gave us stuff. It was a good time out with my family. I hope one day the kids look back and say it wasn’t all that bad that Mom woke us up early on a Saturday.

New Phototastic Collage301New Phototastic Collage302


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