Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival 2018

We were very happy to attend ALMFF again this year. This time Bubbles and I will be sharing everyone’s favorite parts of this years festival. I want to give a quick shout out to all the amazing people who make the festival such a fun and educational event, You guys are the reason my family will attend every year until we move again. Thanks!


Baby Kermit: I liked the red Jousting guy. His horse and  sword were really cool. I liked the popcorn they sold. It was so yummy. Salty and sugary. I liked the pirate swords. I really like swords because  Jake and the Neverland Pirates is one of my favorite shows. I was a pirate for Halloween.


Pooh:I liked yellow Joust guy.  His armor was cool. I also liked the popcorn, cause it was really good and warm. I also liked the pirates. They pretended to try to take of our toes off. I also got a black pearl from one of them. They were very funny and made us all laugh.


Bubbles: My favorite part was the Fairy Tea Party with the Queen. We got the tickets for free.  At the tea party we met the Fairy Queen. I saw a friend of mine from AHG (American Heritage Girls). We all chose a seat at the table. We talked about manners while we waited for the Queen. The queen arrived and we greeted her. We all bowed.  I said to her “It is an honor to be in your presence.” We drank tea and talked. Then we said Goodbye because the festival was ending. I enjoyed it a lot!  I hope we will go there again next year.


Duke:The jousting was a bunch of fighting. They were riding around on horses and then they were trying to break lances. The yellow dude he hit the red dude in the head with a shield. The first time they fought they had swords. They were trying to kill each other. Every time the yellow guy hit the read guy in the head with a shield. The popcorn was delicious. Some kind of fresh sweet popcorn. I wanna go again, I really like the jousting.


Jem: I had the most fun dancing with the queen. I don’t know how to dance at all. We learned 2 different dances. We held hands and danced around in a circle doing different moves. It was alot of fun learning some Medieval dances.We were all tired afterwards. I wanted to take a nap and eat lunch. (It wasn’t lunch time yet 😦 )




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