Graves Disease Awareness pt 2

Again it comes down to me writing something about the disease that has taken over my life. It doesn’t matter how good or bad I feel my Graves Disease is in-charge. It seems the longer and more aware I am of the effects of this thyroid disease the more I seem to want to fight it and win.

In the fall of 2015, I began my first round of Methimazole. Methimzole is a medication used to treat hyperthyroidism. I started out taking 10mg which had some adverse affects on me. Then switched to 5mg and then finally 2.5mg before resulting in remission. Here are a few examples of emails I sent to my endocrinologists my first year of treatment. These are examples of some the the side effects of Methimazole as well as symptoms of Graves Disease.

Good Morning Mrs. P,

We arrived back from our trip Sat afternoon. The trip went well.
I wanted to let you know about the side effects I have noticed. I have continued to have a hard time sleeping along with weird dreams. I started itching in different spots 2-3 days ago.
Do the meds work better if I take them at the same time or does it matter? If not, I have had some emotional highs and lows.
I started taking my meds August 29th. Should I go ahead and get my labs done this week or next?

Mrs. P,
I still am not feeling too good. The anxiety is still pretty high. I have also been having headaches and yellow diarrhea. I had the same problem with the diarrhea a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be worse around the time I would normally take my meds. I’m also having trouble getting to sleep. It’s like I get a jolt of energy right before bed. Is it possible some of these are withdrawal symptoms? 

Good Morning Mrs. P,
I have been feeling depressed and anxious a lot lately. The feeling is exactly like before I was diagnosed. Can this still be related to my thyroid?

Thank you

Mrs. P,
I was curious what my labs from a couple of weeks ago show. Good? I ask because I have been having the hot flashes like before as well as Im extremely emotional. Im hopeful these are linked to something else and my labs were good.
Thank you


Here is the last email I received from my first Endocrinologist the first time I went into remission:

Your lab results are still normal, the TSH is slightly lower than it was in
Sept. TSH was 1.2, now 0.8. As it gets lower, it becomes hyperthyroidism.
But normal is as low as 0.2.
Remember, about 50% of people who take methimazole do not have complete
remission and the Grave’s disease returns. Hopefully, you will have full
remission. Make sure you have your new PCM do labs every 2-3 months for the
next 6-12 months, to monitor it.

Happy trails, safe travels, etc. It was a pleasure working with you!

Joanne P, NP


This was right before our move to Alabama a year or so ago. These months after going into remission were some of the best. My mind was clear. I wasn’t sick all of the time. I was able to get everything that needed to be done, done quick and without much thought. I felt normal. Even if it was for  only 4-5 months. Be make sure to stay tuned for the next part of the story of my battle with Graves Disease.

If you have been feeling out of sorts, had hot flashes before time for menopause, felt your heart racing, not been able to focus, you feel really low lows and really high highs, not had the energy to do the things you love enjoy or even just to take care of yourself; please make an appt with your doctor and ask them to test your thyroid hormones. Be your own advocate and fight for your health.  For more information check out Thyroid Hug


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