Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament , AL

From The Ave Maria Grotto we drove to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. We arrived to the Shrine just in time to take part in a tour of the JPII Eucharistic Center. The center is a place where you can learn about and have a new understanding of the Eucharist. You are lead by one of the brothers whom gives a little history or explanation of each scene. Then we would watch a video clip. The center is amazingly well done. Also included in the St. John Paul II Eucharistic Center are some booths where you can learn more about the Eucharist and those who have commuted and given their lives to serving and protecting it.

Once we walked back outside the kids got really excited when the saw a horse drawn wagon. When it was our turn to take a ride the parents went off to explore what else the Shrine had to offer.

The wagon ride was very educational. The driver of our horse drawn wagon was also our tour guide. The gentlemen gave us the history of the Shrine as well as some information about the sisters and Mother Angelica whom he had known personally. This was a special experience that only happens during certain times of the year. We went before Christmas and I’m glad we were able to share this experience.

After the wagon ride we went into the store to look around and buy a few things. The shop is huge and has a variety of all things Catholic. The Grandparents, George and the older 4 kiddos ventured off to see the other buildings on the Shrines property.

I was happy to walk around and explore with Pooh and Kermit. First I let them run around a bit in hopes they would tire out enough to be able to go into a few of the buildings to look around. We quietly went into the church and the boys sat mostly quiet and looked around. I tried to pray and hope the boys would stay quiet.  Our favorite building was the chapel with the beautiful Nativity scene inside. The boys oohed and aahed. They also questions and pointed out Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. We sat for a bit and looked at every aspect of the beautiful chapel scene. I allowed the boys to help me light candles in prayer for people to have a safe Christmas.

The sun began to set and the Shrine was set to close so we started our long journey back to Montgomery. I hope we can visit again soon. It was a very Blessed and educational day learning more about Our Faith and love of God.




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