Veiling in 2018 pt. 1


What is veiling? Well, its the practice of wearing a white lace or other colored lace veil or mantilla, that are draped over a woman’s head when attending Mass, or in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament  I have started noticing that veiling has become common practice for alot of women. There seem to be woman from all walks of life, ages, and even location. I would like to share with you the information I gathered from those who do and do not wear a veil.  Their veiling experiences and thoughts varied. Please take the time to read some of the ladies responses to my questions below. A huge thank you to all the wonderful woman who took the time to be apart of this Converts curiosity. Also make sure to check out next weeks post Veiling in 2018 pt. 2  (picture by CheeMusic)


Don’t veil

1.where did you first learn about veiling?

2.what made you decide not to veil?

3.Do you have family or friends who veil? Do they support your decision not to wear a veil?

4.Do you think little girls should veil? why or why not?

5.If you had more information about veiling would you reconsider?


 I don’t veil.

I first learned about it when I saw a couple of women wearing one at our chapel back at Hanscom AFB.

I never really decided not to wear one, I just never felt a call or strong conviction to wear one.

I have several friends who wear them. No family members wear them that I know of. No one has ever pressured me or asked why I don’t wear one. I guess most of my friends consider it a deeply personal decision.

If a little girl or even one of my own daughters wished to wear a veil, I would support that decision.

I’ve done a lot of reading and made plenty of personal observations about veiling and at this point I’m not certain I would make a change in my decision to not veil.

I will add that I think veiling is a beautiful form of devotion and way to enhance ones worship/mass experience and I support anyone who feels God’s call to wear one.

I would wear one if I were to ever visit a parish or attended a mass that would require one.





Don’t veil

where did you first learn about veiling? RCIA what made you decide not to veil? It’s always something I consider, but there are a few reasons I haven’t yet. I feel vain, my kid is so extra that I’m usually a mess, and I feel like it would distract me even more in church. Do you have family or friends who veil? yes Do they support your decision not to wear a veil? I suppose they do. It’s never come up. Do you think little girls should veil? why or why not ? I think it should be a choice for each person. If you had more information about veiling would you reconsider? I feel fairly well informed on it. My reasons so far have been situational and personal.

-Kay H



Don’t veil- Learned about it from a friend I have never felt called to veil At first, I thought veiling was so “old school” but now I see it as a very reverent thing Yes I have friends who veil and I’ve never asked them how they feel about me not veiling I feel like little girls should make the decision about veiling when they are older. I have the information and yet I do not veil nor would I like to be told to do so.




I don’t veil per se; I cover my head, often with a scarf, but sometimes with a hat.

I first learned about veiling from the Scripture when I was a practicing Baptist. This issue caused division in either my congregation or another, to the point that it created a schism that created another congregation where the women observed the veiling custom.

I decided to first start covering my head because I didn’t see why the Scripture was obsolete. The fact that other women had stopped doing it didn’t seem enough of a reason for me.

I resumed wearing a head cover in recent months. I saw a young woman new to our parish wear one. This seemed to trigger a trend. Not many women have taken up covering their heads but it has prompted several to do so and prompted me to resume doing so because, again, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t. I don’t remember why I had stopped wearing a head cover for the last several years.

I buy my scarves wherever they are sold. I look for one that will go with my outfit but that I can slip on easily over my head and that will stay in place without me having to fuss alot with it. I have considered wearing a chapel veil simply because it’s easy to keep in my purse or car and may eventually still purchase one.

I have been covering my head, off and on, since about 2006, so off and on for about 12 years.

While I do forget to bring a head covering at times, I wear a head covering to every Mass. I covered my head at a recent wedding in a Baptist church. It’s where I first read about it, and I don’t think it’s different just because it wasn’t at a Mass. We cover our heads during prayer. Prayer is prayer, no matter whether it’s in a Protestant church or in a Catholic one.

I encouraged my daughters to veil when they were younger, so yes, I think girls should be encouraged to do so.

I don’t have any resources regarding veiling.

My daughters don’t cover their heads any more but they seem supportive of my doing so. Amongst my friends, one veils; those that don’t are definitely supportive that I am doing so. Two have veiled on and off in recent time.







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