Veiling in 2018 pt. 2

This week I’d like to share the experiences from those who do veil. I’m very thankful to all the woman who took the time to answer my questions. The experiences they share about wearing a veil doesn’t seem to be done justice by words alone. So inspired by the words of these ladies and the Holy Spirit I’ve decided to try veiling out for myself. My third and final post about veiling will be my experience veiling as well as not veiling. I may not decide to veil in the end but I will have a new appreciation for those for do. (Picture by CheeMusic)

Do veil

  1. where did you first learn about veiling?
  2. what made you decide to start wearing a veil?
  3. where do you buy your veil?
  4. How long have you been wearing a veil?
  5. Do you wear a veil to every Mass?
  6. Do you think little girls should veil and why?
  7. Can you share any good resources ( websites, books, YouTube videos) that share your love for veiling?
  8. Do you have family or friends who don’t veil? Do they support your decision to wear a veil?


where did you first learn about veiling? – First learned about veiling from a dear friend, Claudia what made you decide to start wearing a veil? my Marian Consecration on Dec 8 helped me with the decision where do you buy your veil? -The Marian Consecration leader bought a few veils and provided the opportunity to buy them from her. Also Veils by Lily is a good place. How long have you been wearing a veil? -Since Dec 8, 2017 Do you wear a veil to every Mass? -I think I have worn it to mass with the exception of one time. Do you think little girls should veil and why? -Sure, why not? Can you share any good resources (websites, books, YouTube videos) that share your love for veiling? -I hope to create a music video one day showcasing the veil. I’m still a novice at understanding the reasons to veil at mass, however, it helps me focus more often during mass. Do you have family or friends who don’t veil? Do they support your decision to wear a veil? -I haven’t asked. I think it is a personal decision.


where did you first learn about veiling? On a theology of the body retreat what made you decide to start wearing a veil? I was single at the time, and a friend related it to me using bridal imagery and walking down the aisle to join my groom. Since then, my veil wearing has transitioned to more of a reminder. It helps me to focus and hides distractions from my view

where do you buy your veil? My first veil belonged to my great grandmother. Since then i have gotten them from various gift shops and online veil stores How long

have you been wearing a veil? For a year, then 8 years off, then again now for 4/5 months

Do you wear a veil to every Mass? I wear a veil to every Mass and anytime in front of the Blessed Sacrament

Do you think little girls should veil and why? I give my girls the option. The Veil is a personal devotion and so i do not force it. I take a veil for each of them each opportunity, but they have the option of wearing or not.

Can you share any good resources (websites, books, YouTube videos) that share your love for veiling? Most of my learning comes from word of mouth experience…. i am in search of a prayer for when I put my veil on (if you happen upon one) VeilsbyLilyFAQ

Do you have family or friends who don’t veil? Do they support your decision to wear a veil? None of my family veils. None have ever expressed an opinion on it….

-Carrie B.


I always knew about veiling because I grew up Catholic and older women in my family would talk about it sometimes. I’ve been wearing a veil since going to Latin Mass, and I wanted to fit in. The reason is not any deeper than that. This has been going on for about 6 months. I only wear it at Latin Mass. I don’t make the girls wear them, but they wanted to. I don’t really have an opinion on little girls veiling. I think they like to because the veils are generally pretty (makes them feel like a princess). We had one veil as a gift and the rest we bought from Amazon. I am the only family member that veils, but most of our friends at Latin Mass veil. I don’t really know how many friends outside of Latin Mass veil, it isn’t a question that I ask generally. I don’t think many do though. I don’t know if people care if I veil, again this isn’t an issue that has come up. I think people can have really heated discussions on the internet about veiling but in real life I really haven’t had any major occurrences.

-Kelly Ann

Yes I do veil. I always thought it was beautiful when women veiled, but felt I wasn’t “pious” enough to do it myself. After meeting many people who DID wear a veil, and switching from my old parish to one that much more orthodox-and veil friendly- I started to consider wearing one. It took me like 6 months to get up the courage, but I just kept feeling an urge, a call. I researched the practice and realized it was never actually “abolished” but more of a misinterpretation of Vatican 2 changes. I learned of the beauty of honoring Mary, and more importantly Jesus, by wearing a veil. I learned about how it’s biblical that women should cover their heads- i forget the verses but I can find them if u want. So I decided to try wearing one. I felt stupid at first- like everyone was looking at me- which was not the case(and was kinda vanity…)! In time, I have found I feel naked in church without a veil. I feel guilty when I choose not to wear one- which I do in times when I think it will cause too much of a disturbance- like a cousins wedding. My immediate family(husband and children) do support my decision and many of my daughters veil as well. I make it their choice, but I do strongly encourage them to. My extended family thinks I’m a bit over the top in my faith, and wearing the veil just confirms it:) I wouldn’t say they are opposed- just apathetic.

I also like how my veil kinda puts me in “mass mode”. Like part of a uniform u put on for a job- just puts u in the proper frame of mind.

-Jessica D

Yes I do veil. First learned of it by seeing other women veil. I started veiling to feel closer to God and to be able to focus more on Him. I bought my veil from a lady at church that makes them. I’ve been veiling for prob about 2 years now. I do not wear my veil to every Mass bc sometimes I forget. My little girls do wear a veil, I think it’s god to help teach them a way to be very reverent and to try to focus more. I have no resources besides fb group of women who Veil. I do have many friends that don’t veil but they totally support my decision. I’m a convert so I’m the only catholic in my family.



Veiling in 2018 pt. 1


What is veiling? Well, its the practice of wearing a white lace or other colored lace veil or mantilla, that are draped over a woman’s head when attending Mass, or in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament  I have started noticing that veiling has become common practice for alot of women. There seem to be woman from all walks of life, ages, and even location. I would like to share with you the information I gathered from those who do and do not wear a veil.  Their veiling experiences and thoughts varied. Please take the time to read some of the ladies responses to my questions below. A huge thank you to all the wonderful woman who took the time to be apart of this Converts curiosity. Also make sure to check out next weeks post Veiling in 2018 pt. 2  (picture by CheeMusic)


Don’t veil

1.where did you first learn about veiling?

2.what made you decide not to veil?

3.Do you have family or friends who veil? Do they support your decision not to wear a veil?

4.Do you think little girls should veil? why or why not?

5.If you had more information about veiling would you reconsider?


 I don’t veil.

I first learned about it when I saw a couple of women wearing one at our chapel back at Hanscom AFB.

I never really decided not to wear one, I just never felt a call or strong conviction to wear one.

I have several friends who wear them. No family members wear them that I know of. No one has ever pressured me or asked why I don’t wear one. I guess most of my friends consider it a deeply personal decision.

If a little girl or even one of my own daughters wished to wear a veil, I would support that decision.

I’ve done a lot of reading and made plenty of personal observations about veiling and at this point I’m not certain I would make a change in my decision to not veil.

I will add that I think veiling is a beautiful form of devotion and way to enhance ones worship/mass experience and I support anyone who feels God’s call to wear one.

I would wear one if I were to ever visit a parish or attended a mass that would require one.





Don’t veil

where did you first learn about veiling? RCIA what made you decide not to veil? It’s always something I consider, but there are a few reasons I haven’t yet. I feel vain, my kid is so extra that I’m usually a mess, and I feel like it would distract me even more in church. Do you have family or friends who veil? yes Do they support your decision not to wear a veil? I suppose they do. It’s never come up. Do you think little girls should veil? why or why not ? I think it should be a choice for each person. If you had more information about veiling would you reconsider? I feel fairly well informed on it. My reasons so far have been situational and personal.

-Kay H



Don’t veil- Learned about it from a friend I have never felt called to veil At first, I thought veiling was so “old school” but now I see it as a very reverent thing Yes I have friends who veil and I’ve never asked them how they feel about me not veiling I feel like little girls should make the decision about veiling when they are older. I have the information and yet I do not veil nor would I like to be told to do so.




I don’t veil per se; I cover my head, often with a scarf, but sometimes with a hat.

I first learned about veiling from the Scripture when I was a practicing Baptist. This issue caused division in either my congregation or another, to the point that it created a schism that created another congregation where the women observed the veiling custom.

I decided to first start covering my head because I didn’t see why the Scripture was obsolete. The fact that other women had stopped doing it didn’t seem enough of a reason for me.

I resumed wearing a head cover in recent months. I saw a young woman new to our parish wear one. This seemed to trigger a trend. Not many women have taken up covering their heads but it has prompted several to do so and prompted me to resume doing so because, again, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t. I don’t remember why I had stopped wearing a head cover for the last several years.

I buy my scarves wherever they are sold. I look for one that will go with my outfit but that I can slip on easily over my head and that will stay in place without me having to fuss alot with it. I have considered wearing a chapel veil simply because it’s easy to keep in my purse or car and may eventually still purchase one.

I have been covering my head, off and on, since about 2006, so off and on for about 12 years.

While I do forget to bring a head covering at times, I wear a head covering to every Mass. I covered my head at a recent wedding in a Baptist church. It’s where I first read about it, and I don’t think it’s different just because it wasn’t at a Mass. We cover our heads during prayer. Prayer is prayer, no matter whether it’s in a Protestant church or in a Catholic one.

I encouraged my daughters to veil when they were younger, so yes, I think girls should be encouraged to do so.

I don’t have any resources regarding veiling.

My daughters don’t cover their heads any more but they seem supportive of my doing so. Amongst my friends, one veils; those that don’t are definitely supportive that I am doing so. Two have veiled on and off in recent time.






Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament , AL

From The Ave Maria Grotto we drove to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. We arrived to the Shrine just in time to take part in a tour of the JPII Eucharistic Center. The center is a place where you can learn about and have a new understanding of the Eucharist. You are lead by one of the brothers whom gives a little history or explanation of each scene. Then we would watch a video clip. The center is amazingly well done. Also included in the St. John Paul II Eucharistic Center are some booths where you can learn more about the Eucharist and those who have commuted and given their lives to serving and protecting it.

Once we walked back outside the kids got really excited when the saw a horse drawn wagon. When it was our turn to take a ride the parents went off to explore what else the Shrine had to offer.

The wagon ride was very educational. The driver of our horse drawn wagon was also our tour guide. The gentlemen gave us the history of the Shrine as well as some information about the sisters and Mother Angelica whom he had known personally. This was a special experience that only happens during certain times of the year. We went before Christmas and I’m glad we were able to share this experience.

After the wagon ride we went into the store to look around and buy a few things. The shop is huge and has a variety of all things Catholic. The Grandparents, George and the older 4 kiddos ventured off to see the other buildings on the Shrines property.

I was happy to walk around and explore with Pooh and Kermit. First I let them run around a bit in hopes they would tire out enough to be able to go into a few of the buildings to look around. We quietly went into the church and the boys sat mostly quiet and looked around. I tried to pray and hope the boys would stay quiet.  Our favorite building was the chapel with the beautiful Nativity scene inside. The boys oohed and aahed. They also questions and pointed out Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. We sat for a bit and looked at every aspect of the beautiful chapel scene. I allowed the boys to help me light candles in prayer for people to have a safe Christmas.

The sun began to set and the Shrine was set to close so we started our long journey back to Montgomery. I hope we can visit again soon. It was a very Blessed and educational day learning more about Our Faith and love of God.