Delaware: A trip to the first state Day 2

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On Day 2 our first stop was the Hagley Museum and Library After walking through the Visitors Center and learning the history of gun powder the kids were excited to learn more. We were actually going to see historic DuPont powder yards on the banks of the Brandywine River. It was a nice walk through nature to get to the next exhibit on the way we saw a turtle, which made Duke really happy. We enjoyed a demonstration of how the men would use water power to power their machines. The machines were used to make specialized tools for making gun powder. Duke and I happened upon a video on the 3rd floor of the Visitors Center about the DuPont company making bullet proof vests.The rest of the kids and Dad had fun looking at things through microscopes and pretending to drive Jeff Gordon’s race car. We only had time to take in a little bit of what the Hagley Museum has to offer. The kids were getting hungry and we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get a quick bite to eat.

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After lunch and a short drive we arrived at the Delaware Children’s Museum. I am a pretty big fan of children’s museum because the kids are allowed to touch pretty much everything. We have a few kiddos that are hands on and this is the best place for them. We stopped in the art room first to make sure the creations would have plenty of time to dry before we had to leave. A clothes pin with a piece of string dipped in paint. Who would have thought that would makes things a little cleaner and more fun. After that they climbed up and down the huge structure that all children museums seem to have. I can’t tell you how many times they did it but lots. There were several exhibits and I am pretty sure we so them all but I will only tell you about the favorites. EConnect aka Water Works is just about every kids favorite. That see how fast or if we can overflow it. There was also a neat thing the kids could you to make it rain and spin a tornado. Not sure what kids fascination is with water but it’s great.  Near that area is a fun booth where you can stand in a tornado. Well kinda, it’s a wind machine but totally fun. I can only imagine what my hair would have looked like if I hadn’t had it tied back. We also enjoyed a race on the DCM Speedway. The kids were sure they could pass me. It had been a long time since I had been on a Roller Racer. Boy, was I sore later 😉 It brought back good memories of PE in elementary school of races and such.

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It was a great day of indoor and outdoor fun. Two of the kids top 5 things we did during our trip. After the Children’s Museum we stopped at Friendly’s for dinner. Friendly’s has become one of my favorite places to eat. I love being able to build my (very picky) burger. The other reason of course is the ice cream 😀 While we were eating dinner it was raining buckets. After everyone finished eating we raced to the car and headed to the hotel.   I can say for sure we had no trouble getting the kids to bed that night.

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