Visiting OK and our Framily

The adjustment of living in Alabama hasn’t come as easy as we thought but I think that has to do with our move 4 years ago from Oklahoma. DC was a hard place to live and knowing it was temporary made it harder. We had lots of friends move away and move on. We have been alot more leary when it comes to making friends because I think we don’t want to get too attached. The more you move around the harder it seems to get.

We received an invitation to a friends surprise birthday party. When I first saw it I thought man how badly do I want to go to OK to see our church family. I really thought we wouldn’t have the funds to make such a short trip. I told George thinking he would say no, I would be sad and have to let it go. But to my surprise he said “Yes , let’s go. We miss our friends dearly and it would be really great to see them all.”

The drive up and over to OK went better than expected. Our kiddos have spent alot of time in the car traveling but you just never know how they are going to react. We did our best to get a good 2-3 hours in between each stop. For lunch we made sure to find an area where the kids could get out and run around. Rest areas really are becoming fewer and further between each one. The kids were easily entertained by Archie’s Weird Mysteries and Dungeons & Dragons the animated series. The also spent some time playing I spy or Hangman. The kids are great little travelers.

We arrived in Oklahoma on Friday night after a long 12+ hours in the car. We were happily welcomed by our really good friends and the kids Godparents, Larry and Jill plus their 5 kiddos. They were very generous to share their home with the 8 of us for the few days we visited. The also made us some really delicious meals. 11 kids plus 4 adults and grandpa made for a house full of fun.

Saturday, Duke had the fun opportunity to do something I’m sure he will be talking about for years. Duke became fascinated with lizards when we moved to Alabama. He has grown to love them so much that he talks to everyone we know here including the librarian and our neighbors about lizards. His God-Father, Larry took him to see the lizards. By lizards I mean lots of different types of lizards, all shapes and sizes. He was able to touch and even hold some of the lizards. He also got to hold a cockroach that made him chuckle as it climbed up his arm. Duke was very happy to share his love with his God-Father.

Saturday Night, We all headed to the 50th surprise birthday party of a very good friend of ours, Frank. We decided to keep our visit a secret just in case something came up last minute. Our secret was a welcome surprise for everyone. We received many hugs and handshakes. It felt like going home. We ate some delicious food and chatted with some awesome people. We toasted our dear friend Frank and his 50 years with many more to come. The kids ran around and played with friends they hadn’t seen in years. It felt just like the old days when we lived in Oklahoma. The boys started to get a little cranky near the end so we decided to head back to Larry and Jill’s house.

The next morning we woke up alot earlier than normal . Well, it at least felt like it. We slowly woke the kids up and told them to get dressed. We are very much a military family in that we are almost always 15 minutes early for everything. If we are late to anything I can promise theres a story, Anyways, St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church is where some pretty important events happened. After Our Lady of Fatima Church was closed we found a great church family at St. Teresa’s. It’s where I was confirmed into the Catholic Church and Pooh was Baptized. It’s also where I had the fun honor of teaching crafts for Vacation Bible School and made some really great friends. I am very blessed to know so many amazing okies and to have been a part of a very active parish.

A little later that afternoon when went to a pool party at Frank and Joelle’s. The kids had a blast throwing water balloons, splashing around in the pool, and running around with their friends. We had an amazing buffet of food for lunch. It was a good afternoon spent with some pretty amazing people.

We spent the rest of our Sunday with Larry and Jill plus kiddos. We let the kids stay up as long as they wanted. I just figured they would spend the next day sleeping in the car. Duke and his buddy spent their time hunting and rehoming toads. Pooh and Baby Kermit built many Lego creations. The girls did make overs and dressed up. George went to bed early so he would be well rested for the drive home while I stayed up to chat with Larry and Jill whom I knew I would miss as soon as we left.

The trip home was about the same as the drive to Oklahoma. Knowing that the kids can handle a long car ride gives me alot of hope for where we can go exploring in the future. It was a really short trip to Oklahoma but I’m really glad we went.




Graves Disease Awareness pt 1

Hi there everyone! Kim, here.

I know I haven’t been posting as much lately. Youre all probably have been wondering why. I have been going to the doctors trying to get my Graves Disease back in check and finding out if I have sleep apnea or not. I have also been dealing with alot of anxiety with bouts of depression. I want to be honest about this so again when the kiddos look back they can see I was trying harder than they knew. Today I’m going to share the beginning of my story of  living with Graves Disease.

In Oct 2013, Baby Kermit was born a healthy baby and I was sent home from the hospital healthy as well. There is still no clear way to know if his birth triggered it or not but I noticed very quickly that I didn’t lose any of the baby weight. I have never been a super athletic person but I have six kiddos and tend to keep pretty busy. I began to wonder if something wasn’t right. I also started to notice that my cycle was off. Late a day or two here or early. It was weird. The kicker was when I started having hot flashes. I’m in my early 30’s and know that I’m not quite there for Menopause. I was also dealing with some anxiety and depression. My husband and a friend forced me to make a doctors appointment. I have what people call whitecoatitis. It’s a real thing. I have had some good and bad doctors and I still hate going. The waiting is the worst.

Anyways, I am so thankful that I did not see my PCM that day, Aug 2015. I saw a very responsive and eager to help, Dr. Roger Ewonkem. He was quick to notice my pulse was way above where it should be and knew almost right away what my symptoms meant. He said We’re gonna run some tests. He prescribed me blood pressure meds and told me that I could of had a heart attack at 31. He didn’t tell me this to scare me. He told me this to make me see how serious things were.

When the labs came back they called to tell me I had Graves Disease. My thyroid had been making too many hormones. My body had been attacking itsself. I am still so very thankful to Dr. Ewonkem for taking my symptoms seriously. He was very kind in explaining what Graves Disease was. He put in a referral for an Endocrinologist as well as for an ultrasound to be done. One of the scary things that can come about from Graves Disease is goiters. Which are growths on your thyroid. What’s your thyroid? It’s the butterfly shaped thing in your throat. It regulates your breathing, your body temperature, and your cycle just to name a few. It’s interesting to think about how hard I tried to make everything seem like it was ok.

I will be making posts here and there about how this journey with Graves is going for me. This is just the beginning. Graves Disease isn’t something that just goes away. If you have been diagnosed and want somebody to talk to feel free to email me at

Please take the time to check out this website for more information: Thyroid Hug





A House of Nerds

A couple of weeks ago the older 4 and I went to have eye exams. If I am a Novice at anything in life it is getting an eye exam. I started wearing glasses when I was 7 or 8 years old. I was in first or second grade sitting in the back of class having no clue what was written on the board. We had the Lions Club or Shriner’s come to school at least once a year to do free eye exams. I think it was a case of no one believed me and thought I just wanted to get glasses like some of the kids in my class.

Jem started complaining about  not being about to see certain things. She wasn’t complaining too much but I knew she would need glasses. She was the only one we thought would need glasses. We just decide to have the all get an eye exam because it had been 4 yrs since their last exams. (All except Bubbles of course.)

I was able to go in with Jem and Pippi to start the process. The did okay initially but when it came to the part where the Doctor shines lights and puts drops in their eyes they didn’t do so well. Pippi has small eyes to begin with so it made the process a little bit harder. Jem even cried. The girls all whined about getting the drops put in their eyes. I always see dilation as  a good thing. The Doctor can see so much more in your eye. Because I have Graves Disease this has become even more important. For the kids it made a huge difference. The Doctor was not only able to determine that Bubbles should wear glasses again to help with reoccurring annoyances from her lazy eye but that Duke has the opposite problem. Duke’s left eye is wanting to turn out. To me it’s odd that Duke and Bubbles end up being so much alike. Anyways, Jem definitely needed glasses for nearsightedness like me. It sounds like Pippi wont be too far from getting glasses in the future.

The 3 kiddos all look super cute in their glasses and have made us truly a house of super nerds.


Baby Kermit

It’s time for me to tell you all about the youngest of the bunch. Baby Kermit is definitely the baby. All the kids give him special treatment. And he seems to get his way a lot.  We have easily recognized that he is a funny mixture of Jem and Duke. Most like Jem because when he’s mad he goes silent. He doesn’t want to tell you whats wrong he just wants you to make him happy again. He’s like Duke in the way that Duke has to speak up for himself because he has big sisters and Baby Kermit has to speak up for himself because hes the youngest. He seems to have a special bond with all of his siblings. I can’t exactly explain it myself but it’s more than just being the baby.

Pooh is definitely his best friend. They spend a lot of time together and are sometimes inseparable.They also like to get into a lot of trouble together. I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to being a mom but I don’t know anymore on most days. When you put Pooh and baby Kermit together I question everything I ever knew about being sane and taking care of six kiddos.

I’m happy to say that he has finally started growing into being a preschooler. He is happily eating most of his food now. He loves to look at books and have Jem or Bubbles read to him.  He loves to build with blocks or Legos and play with trains. Is it wrong that I think he’s the cutest out of the bunch? He takes the whole baby thing to a whole new level. Most days you won’t find him more than 5 feet from me. If he’s more than 5 feet away from me he comes and checks on me or checks in ever so often. I don’t know if he’s afraid I’m going somewhere or if he just doesn’t want to be out of reach of mom.

I didn’t expect to have a number six but I’m glad that I did. I think my life would be pretty boring without Baby Kermit. He keeps the days a lot more interesting. He knows just how to get into the right amount of things to make me want to quit. But in the same instance he will tell me that I’m his best friend and he loves me. He is a good reminder for me that when you think you might be in control God takes over and gives you another little person to make your heart fill full. I think being number six makes him loved the most. I cant wait to see him continue to grow and learn to be who hes meant to be.