River Region Comic Con 2018, AL

We are a family that loves alot of nerdy things including board games, super heroes/villains, video games, comics, MTG, and lots of more. My top 3 cartoons right now are Adventure Time, Teen Titans, and We Bare Bears. We just bought 11 more board games recently. (Watch for lots of board game reviews to come.) So when I saw that there was going to be a comic con in Montgomery I got super excited. I was even more excited when George agreed that we should go.

We started out our morning slowly. I had laughed when I saw that the  River Region Comic Con didn’t start until 10am. Nerds need their sleep too. We arrived to the doors of the Cramton bowl a little after 10. I didn’t make the time to choose the boys outfits or get them to wear costumes but the rest of us did. Jem wore her personalized Minecraft shirt that she got for Christmas as well as rainbow colored finger-less gloves, Bubbles wore some silk orange butterfly wings, Pippi wore her Fox Girl costume that she created for an AHG dance that she wasn’t able to attend, George wore his Super Nerd costume and I wore my mermaid costume shirt. There was alot of great cosplay. I couldn’t believe how good some of the costumes were. A few we saw were Ursula from the Little Mermaid, Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie, Power Rangers, and lots more. Maybe next year we can get some kewler costumes together.

We got through the ticket line pretty quickly and then headed downstairs for the first panel. The only panel we went to was Breaking into the Industry: Stunt Work and Acting with Cody Robinson and Justin Leek. These guys did a really good job. The girls listened really well and were actually interested. It was kewl to listen to the guys talk about how much fun they had doing stunts or meeting big name actors. I would have to say now I am a fan of both Justin Leek whom we found out grew up in Montgomery as well as Cody Robinson who is also an AL native.  I wished they would have done a few stunts to show us the types of stunts and acting they do.

George heard that there were going to be D&D campaigns you could join. He thought it would be a good way to introduce the girls to Dungeons and Dragons. I don’t know much about their time playing other than they had a hard time hearing over all the other fun stuff going on. The girls had fun and it was more father-daughter bonding time. They all have asked us about getting back to Mice & Mystics or them to play more No Thank You Evil.  They may be blossoming D&D players.

The boys and I spent our time experiencing other aspects of the Comic Con. Pooh and Baby Kermit played Pokemon Stadium on N64 while Duke played Street Fighter on Sega and  Mario on Super NES. There were alot of other consoles including VR but there were lines to play. I bought each of the boys a kewl Skylanders vehicle to keep them entertained for a few minutes. I also did a smart thing and fed them. The boys are bears if they don’t eat so I bought them all hotdogs. They didn’t have tables set up for dining so I took the boys outside to get some air. Then we walked to the car to get one of the many drinks we keep in the car. The last thing we did was watch some girls dance. They were dressed in some Japanese girl character outfits. I don’t know much about that kinda stuff but It was outside so we went.

I am glad we were able to attend the first River Region Comic Con. It was alot of fun and can only get better.




Jem is truly outrageous truly truly outrageous whoa Jem

Jem is my name no one else is the same Jem is my name. Yep, No one else is like Jem. Alright so I may have went a little overboard there but it really is hard not to sing the song when I type, write, or say Jem. Our Jem is a very special girl. Now that she is 9 she is growing into a very pretty and smart young lady as my grandmother would have said. Jem is our resident bookworm. I am pretty sure has already read more books than George or I when we were her age. Her favorite types of books are mystery, American girls, horses, fairies, and the occasional comic style. She never has a hard time finding a book because she will read just about anything. She will even pick up her sisters books and start reading them. She has even tried to snag one of mine or George’s books. It makes me proud to have raised a reader.

Jem is my best helper when it comes to the boys. Baby Kermit even went as fas as calling her Mama because she helps help him so much. (Yes, the whole mama thing has been corrected.) The boys prefer her most of the time. She is very gentle and attentive with them. She isnt just great with the boys she is great with all kids. She will grab a baby and hold it any chance she gets. She is also great with other people’s little ones. She is quick to help a toddler get their food or push a little girl on the swing.

Jem loves to volunteer. She is so kind and humble when it comes to helping others. She is an Alter Server like her sister. She takes it very seriously. She also likes to help CLOW (Children’s Liturgy of the Word) when she can. She enjoys any opportunity that she can get to be a Mother’s Helper. I guess it makes sense that St. Therese of Lisieux is her favorite saint. She is a Saint in training.

10th Wedding Anniversary: A Family Celebration


I had been planning and anticipating the day we would actually get to celebrate my husband and I’s 10 years of marriage. I wanted it to be something we would all enjoy. I came up with the idea to go to Medieval Times . Friends of ours had gone in the fall and it looked like the kids really enjoyed themselves. We bought our tickets through ITT (Information, Tickets, and Travel). It is a great way to save some money and to get to enjoy more for our big family. Medieval times was also having a special for military families that upgraded our package for free. We were able to enjoy the King’s Royalty Package which included: a “Behind the Scenes” dvd, front row seating, and programs for everyone.MidMay2014 089

We arrived an hour early as advised by one of the nice women that worked at the ticket office. The kids weren’t as informed as George and I as to what would take place. All they really knew had to do with knights, jousting, princesses and a king. The waiting was the hardest part. But waiting for our family is always hard. Pooh doesn’t always want to sit still and the kids imagine everywhere we go has grass and is free for them to explore. It was nice once we found our seats and the menu was explained to us, how well things flowed together.MidMay2014 109 The horses in the show are beautiful and quickly grabbed The 2 younger boys as well as Jem our horse lovers attention. It was great to see a big smile on Bubble’s face and hear her say “Awesome!” several times during the show. The show was a great mix of showmanship as well as a simpler time. The kids weren’t sure what to think about no utensils but they figured things out pretty quickly. Little Kermit had his first taste of big people food and loved it. I didn’t think the kids would be big fans of the tomato soup but as I looked around they all drink it without and arguments or discussions. All the kids had a blast. I really enjoyed both the show and meal but the best part was seeing the kids faces light up. This may have been a one-time visit but it is one we will surely never forget. MidMay2014 111MidMay2014 112