10th Wedding Anniversary: A Family Celebration


I had been planning and anticipating the day we would actually get to celebrate my husband and I’s 10 years of marriage. I wanted it to be something we would all enjoy. I came up with the idea to go to Medieval Times . Friends of ours had gone in the fall and it looked like the kids really enjoyed themselves. We bought our tickets through ITT (Information, Tickets, and Travel). It is a great way to save some money and to get to enjoy more for our big family. Medieval times was also having a special for military families that upgraded our package for free. We were able to enjoy the King’s Royalty Package which included: a “Behind the Scenes” dvd, front row seating, and programs for everyone.MidMay2014 089

We arrived an hour early as advised by one of the nice women that worked at the ticket office. The kids weren’t as informed as George and I as to what would take place. All they really knew had to do with knights, jousting, princesses and a king. The waiting was the hardest part. But waiting for our family is always hard. Pooh doesn’t always want to sit still and the kids imagine everywhere we go has grass and is free for them to explore. It was nice once we found our seats and the menu was explained to us, how well things flowed together.MidMay2014 109 The horses in the show are beautiful and quickly grabbed The 2 younger boys as well as Jem our horse lovers attention. It was great to see a big smile on Bubble’s face and hear her say “Awesome!” several times during the show. The show was a great mix of showmanship as well as a simpler time. The kids weren’t sure what to think about no utensils but they figured things out pretty quickly. Little Kermit had his first taste of big people food and loved it. I didn’t think the kids would be big fans of the tomato soup but as I looked around they all drink it without and arguments or discussions. All the kids had a blast. I really enjoyed both the show and meal but the best part was seeing the kids faces light up. This may have been a one-time visit but it is one we will surely never forget. MidMay2014 111MidMay2014 112