Giving Paint Nite a Try


When I think about doing things like this it makes me feel anxious. I think there is no way I can paint anything worth looking at. What if people judge me for my painting? I guess most of all feeling like an outcast. That’s why I truly believe in going with someone. I couldnt be more excited when my friend, Katherine asked me to go. She is a really great artist. She has alot of talent. I knew that I would be getting good tips from her along the way. We ended up sitting in the back of the room which was not a good thing at least not for us.( If you are wanting to come home with something that looks kinda like the example I suggest sitting near the front. )They had snacks and water. The bar was nearby to order drink and food. They had mini easels set up with an apron on the chair to prepare you for how you spend your next 2 hours. Once you get your paint, brushes and easel it’s game on. The teacher will start instructing and you will do fine for the first hour or so. I felt pretty confident as I do know how to blend pretty well. The background is the easy part. After you finish the background there was a short break to give everyone’s background a chance to dry. I did not do so well on the second half of instruction. I got lost pretty quickly. The obvious downside to sitting in the back. I fumbled around and after a couple laughs I pulled it back together. We were some of the last people to leave. I insisted on finishing. I really do like to finish projects that I start. I am glad I did. It was a fun night and I hope we can get out yo do another Paint Nite soon. I think I like my painting more each day. Now I just need to convince George to hang it on the wall.