Sterling , VA Field Trip 2014

This weekend we spent our Sunday afternoon out for a field trip. But first I must tell you about 3 very big and important things that happened this weekend.

1. Pippi turned 9!

Happy 9th Birthday, Pippi!

2. Jem lost one of her front teeth

Jem missing front tooth

3. I finally won my first game of MAGIC. YAY!

April2014 Magic

    Anways, back to talking about our field trip. We decided to take a trip up to Sterling, VA. Our First stop was the Loudon Heritage Farm Museum. With admission $5 for adults and $3 for kids (yes, they give a military discount), it was right up our alley. The children’s area is in the front which was perfect after spending at least an hour in the car the kids were ready to run around. The kids all took turns on the pedal tractors and riding a horse. (not a real horse but still fun.) The girls had fun collecting pretend eggs from the hens as well as milking a pretend cow. Then we made our way into the General Store. The kids had fun picking out different fruits, veggies, etc. to purchase. They also had fun playing in the Post Office that is attached to the General Store. The exhibits past the kids area are ok. There is just too much or not enough information. George pointed out a few things one of which being something about levers. If you go to the back in the corner there is a house replica for the kids to pretend they are cooking a meal. Even Pooh had a fun time helping make a pretend meal while Bubbles demonstrated how to use a hand mixer. After they had their fill of playing house we ventured outside to walk around. The Frog Shackle is not far from the pond and is said to offer lots of fun crafts. I doesn’t open until next month so sadly we missed that experience. There are also a few house you are able to tour but those weren’t open either. But it was just nice to walk around looking at the pond and being in the country. We loaded back in the car aka as THE BEAST. (12-passenger van) We traveled just a few miles to the Vestal’s Gap Visitor Center . There the kids were free to explore the Discovery Room . Little Kermit finally was free of the car seat and stroller. There was a nice amount of room for him to watch his siblings as well as continue his efforts to try to crawl. The older five counted the tree frogs, watched the turtle move rocks, and searched for the corn snake, somewhere safely in it’s tank. They also had lots of fun nature books to read, specimens to examine, and puzzles to build. The kids loved it and it was very educational. We ended our day with a stop at the nearby Friendly’s restaurant before heading home.

New Phototastic Collage76New Phototastic Collage77