Our Big White Beast

When we found out we were having number 5 we knew it was time to buy a new van. Our Windstar is only an 8 seater. Being that car seats take up more room than a person we needed more space. I had dreamed about a Town & Country, mainly because of the storage aspect. My husband did a lot of research before figuring out that we would be better off purchasing a passenger. I wasn’t super excited about the idea at first. I think the fact that our friends/ the kids Godparents own a 15 passenger helped just a little. My husband was overly excited to find a 12 passenger for the right price. I was very pregnant so I left that whole process to him. You would have thought the baby had been born he was so happy. It has been really nice to be able to spread out and separate the kids whenever necessary. I am a huge fan of riding in the back though. It is really bumpy and the kids seem to think its funny. I am just glad none of them get car sick. It is really comfortable during a long trip. Did I mention we put a DVD player in it? Oh yeah, that helps keep the kids entertained for a short time. We normally limit the time the kids watch movies. Looking outside, reading , listening to audio stories, and stopping to run around is plenty to keep the kids busy otherwise. We are very happy with our 12 passenger White Beast, Although George  says from time to time that he wishes he had gotten the 15 passenger.

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