Summer 2018

I thought I’d take the time to share a little bit of what we have been doing this summer. I spend way too much of the summer obsession about curriculum and school supplies. But what else would you expect of a homeschool Mom who fully believes this is her calling. The kids have been doing alot of reading. The thought of winning a prize makes them read even more. I was so proud to walk into the room after a library trip and see them all reading. I tried to explain to them that teaching them to read may have been one of the toughest things to teach but it was one of the greatest gifts I could give them. Aside from a love for Jesus and our Catholic Faith of course.

We have also been been spending alot more time at the Natureplex. It’s become our favorite place to visit ( well besides the library and Michael’s lol). We have also spent some time at a splash pad, doctors offices (not as many as the spring) and the commissary.

The kids had the wonderful opportunity to attend/volunteer Vacation Bible School. VBS was something I did alot as a kid and I’m excited that my kiddos have the opportunity to attend too. Pippi and Jem volunteered at 2 church VBS’s. Pippi helping in the nursery and wherever she was needed and then with crafts. Jem helped with the 2-3 grades at both VBS’s. It was great for volunteer hours but more for life experience. Both weeks Bubbles, Duke and Pooh attended. It was Pooh’s first time going by himself and he had a blast. Baby Kermit was able to attend 1 because of the generosity of a friend. The other week he spent with mom and dad. It was great to spoil and spend extra time with the youngest of our bunch. We took him to Toysrus for the last time, out for frozen yogurt, shopping, out to dinner, and played video games with him. It was a really special week.

I bet you’re wondering if we did anything board game related and the answer is yes. We started what I would call a sort of campaign. We started playing Charterstone. It’s a game where you build the board and expound on the rules as you go; unlocking new cards to enhance the game. We still have 4 or 5 games to play before the summer is out. We have a few more really great things coming up soon and I look forward to sharing it with you all. Happy Summer!


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