Our fun weekend and St. Patrick’s Day

                             This weekend had a lot of ups and downs. It all started with pizza soup and Stations at the Chapel on Friday Night. The 3 girls volunteered to help illuminate one Station each. Then we dined on delicious soups made by some of the other families in our Parish. The kids really seemed to enjoy the Pizza Soup that I just kinda figured out as I went. It was a great night of reflection and lots of yummy soup.                                                          

     On Saturday, I took the boys over to a yard-sale hoping to find  at least one thing.We brought home 4 costumes including an Astronaut suit and beautiful Belle dress in excellent condition for $8. We spent the rest of the afternoon outside. The kids played and the moms chatted. It’s been nice to spend more time outside enjoying the weather when we have it. I really can’t wait for Spring to stick and to be outside almost all day everyday.After dinner we headed to the BX (Base Exchange) to buy Magic the Gathering cards. Pippi, Jem, George, and I each got to pick out a deck. I choose White and Green which seems to fit me pretty well. It has been fun learning the game and finding more people to play.                        

      Our Sunday’s are mostly spent at Mass, catching up with friends we see once a week as well as choir practice and RE (Religious Education for the kids). So finally around 3pm we were able to stop and visit some friends who just had a baby. (Congrats! 😉 ) So because George was so excited to get card sleeves for our new decks we then headed to a game shop we had heard about. So picture this 6 kids and 2 adults walk into a room no bigger than most Taco Bells. Yep, for reals. We huddled near the door picking out card sleeves. Oddly enough we did not get the usual Are they are Yours? or I don’t know how you do it. Near by was restaurant. I decided to try a new dish only to find myself sucking down my drink and begging George to stop and get ice cream to calm down my stomach. So it’s snowing we are racing home but find the time to stop and get Blizzards. My husband is a Mainer and well he eats ice cream no matter what the temperature and now we all do.

On Monday, St. Patrick’s Day we awoke to a snowy wonderland. Well, at least that’s how the kids saw it. On the other hand I just saw more wet stuff and more laundry. After finishing most of school we ventured outside. We had a snow ball fight targeting Dad mostly. We also helped some friends build a snow hill so the children could all slide down. Then it was back inside to warm up and finally getting around to our St. Patrick Day activities.The kids watched our favorite St. Patrick’s movie while coloring 2 worksheets and making a Shamrock craft. I personally think St. Patrick is pretty awesome and getting to wear more green doesn’t hurt either. It was a great end to a very fun and busy weekend.

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