Moose & Shelly

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce our 2 feline family members. Moose and Shelly.

Moose, my husband and I adopted for a pet shop when he was 6 months. He was the friendliest cat in the window I guess you could say. He also bit me on the way home but I didn’t say anything for fear of having to take him back. Why the name Moose? Well, my husbands favorite animal is a moose. He wouldn’t let me name one of our future children Moose so it went to the cat. The name fit him pretty well as a kitten. He would chase dogs 4 times his size. I think he thinks he is a dog. He will eat dog food and I just caught him drinking out of the toilet. (Gross) Duke and Jem seem to love him the most. They carry him around and talk to him quite a bit. He is a big teddy bear and wouldn’t hurt any of the kids. He sleeps with Jem most nights but during the day you can find him hiding away in my closet.

Then there’s Shelly. We adopted her from a local animal shelter when she was almost a year old. We looked at lots of kittens that day but she was the only one to still want to fetch her ball with the girls running around her. I loved that she was a different color than I had seen before and that made her special. I had lost my previous cat to some health problems so I was happy to find another lovable furry companion.Her name at the shelter was flower. Lame, right. Anyways, I chose Shelly because it was one of my many nicknames in high school and because she is a tabby and tortoiseshell mix. You know, Shelly. Yes, she is my cat. She has been from the very beginning. I don’t know what happened in her life before we adopted her but I know she was meant to be my cat. She loves to play fetch with hair ties and hides them in her dish. She also has a tendency to follow me around. I think one of the strangest things she does is when I yell at the kids she will get in my lap and yell at me. She still gets along with the kids ok but has her limits. She is very gentle in punishing them for holding her down or pulling her tail. She is good company when the kids are in bed and my husband is working on his school assignments. Its strange the comfort I get from her laying in my lap or sleeping next to me purring. Yes, I am a cat lover and a future crazy cat lady.

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