Maine trip: Quechee Gorge, VT and Fort Ticonderoga, NY

We just happened to be driving through the right area to find ourselves at the Quechee State Park. It was another one of those pleasant unplanned things. It was another great opportunity to get out of the car and let them run around. We started at the small visitors center and walked/hiked from there. It was a little wet out and not too hot. I really do love any chance we get to be out in the woods. I appreciate it so much more now that we live in the city. I also think pictures taken in the woods are alot prettier than the ones taken in the city. The view of the Gorge was beautiful. I oddly enough have a fondness for bodies of water too. That I would have to attribute to my childhood in Florida. The kids oohed and aahhed. It’s always neat to hear there reactions and see their faces when they see something new.

From there we headed towards Fort Ticonderoga: America’s Fort. First we stopped for lunch at a super cute restaurant , The Wheel Inn Restaurant. Well it was that or the taco truck. We had the restaurant to ourselves. It wasn’t a bad thing as they had toys and coloring books for the kids. They staff was super nice. We all decided we would eat breakfast. I had the most delicious french toast I have ever had. I am not the biggest fan of french toast but this changed my mind. There wasn’t anything that I tasted that was delicious.The kids even made sure to finish their plates. It was one of the best meals of the trip. Make sure to stop by on your way to Fort Ticonderoga.

So another fun surprise this day was the Ferry boat. The kids got really excited when we pulled up to the little station. It was the Ferry or an extra hour in the car. The Ferry just seem the smart way to go. And again the kids were so excited to finally ride on the Ferry after hearing Grandpa and Grandma talk about them. Our trip was less than 10 mins and the kids loved every minute of it.

A short drive up the road we arrived at Fort Ticonderoga. The only other Fort the kids have been to before is Fort Washington in Maryland. They had no idea what they had in store for them. When we first walked into the fort, we walked up on a reenactor giving the history of the fort. The kids did their best to listen and not wander off but they are kids and were ready to explore. Pooh and Baby Kermit had the hardest time staying still and being quiet. It was around naptime and they didn’t want to miss anything. There were 3 key demonstrations the kids enjoyed. First being the best was the firing of a cannon. Then we stopped by a shoe makers shop. He was making a pair of shoes for one of the other reenactors. Then they stopped in the uniform shop. a reenactor was being fit for a new uniform. There were also plenty of rooms to explore and artifacts to look at. We didn’t make it to the King’s Garden as the kids and I were tired of walking and the little ones really did need a nap. We made a quick stop at the thrift shop before we left. I bought a few really neat postcards to send to our nieces and nephews. I also like to collect postcards to one day put in a book or frame on the wall.

Our last stop of the day was for ice cream. A nice cold ice cream on a hot day was what we all had been waiting for. George and I are big fans of soft serve twist. The older four choose mint chocolate chip or cookie dough. I wished we could have hung out because they had a very interesting looking putt-putt course. We were all just too exhausted to do anything else that day. It was a really long but good day.


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