Disney World-Magic Kingdom part 1, FL

After getting to see some characters the day before the kids were very excited to see more. We planned our day around making sure the oldest 4 were able to enjoy a special experience at Magic Kingdom. First thing that morning we made our way to meet Ariel at her Grotto per Jems request. The line wasn’t long and Ariel was sweet. After a quick chat with Ariel we rode Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid ride. It was pretty much the movie. The kids liked it which is all that mattered. Music and bright colors why wouldn’t they.
Then we walked over to Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride. One of the most iconic Disney rides. My kids loved it. The awesome thing is that there is a play area for little people in the big tent. The girls and I rode 3 times. They really did like it that much.

Its awesome that you get to meet Cinderella and Rapanzel together. Pippi loves both princesses alot. The smile on her face made the whole trip worth it. You would have thought they were old friends. She hugged them both tightly as she greeted them and asked them to sign our book. They were both so friendly and great with all of the kids.

Then we took a break to eat at the Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, a futuristic restaurant . Burgers, sandwiches, grapes, and carrots. I really do love that they have healthy options. Little tummies do better without all the greasy food plus how cute is bread shaped like a fish. It was good to take a break from the heat. Plus eating seems to put kids in a better mood, more energy to burn I guess. We also had some time before meeting up with George’s Sister and her family.

So just a little heads up that the Mad Tea Party teacups aren’t far from the Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Yes, we rode the Mad Tea Party teacups right after lunch. The boys weren’t in the mood so it was just me and the older 4. I rode with Duke and Bubbles while Jem and Pippi rode together. No one got sick but I wouldn’t suggest it right after eating.

While wondering back we decided to use Fast Pass to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. For some reason this ride had a really long wait. I thought since we have our very own Pooh we should ride. It was cute but didn’t last long at all. It was so quick. The kids wanted to ride several rides again but with an hour or so of a wait time it was not going to happen.

We rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The line was long so me and the older 4 used fast pass. The wait time was about an hour. While we we were waiting in line George took Pooh and Baby Kermit to ride Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel a few times. I really did think this ride would be fine. I wanted the kids to have the opportunity. I should have just walked by. I hated this ride. I have never really been fond of roller coasters and that’s still true today. I really really love my children. I will not get on another roller coaster for a very long time. I was ready to go back to the room and call it a day. Why not? by this time we had already ridden 7 rides for the girls and met 3 characters.

After some very messy ice cream we met George’s sister and her family. So it’s a small world has got to be one of the oldest rides. It’s cute for the first 5 minutes after that its just plain annoying. It was a good ride for all 14 of us as not many rides make it easy to keep your group together.

Man, was it hot. Just the walk to the Jungle Cruise had us hot and sweaty. We made sure to drink lots of water and give the kids snacks. While we were waiting in line a couple of the little people fell asleep. Again it was a good ride for the 14 of us. The ride is through the jungle with different scenes in a boat. The driver is suppose to be funny and entertaining. The guy we had seemed like he had been doing it for way too long. He didnt talk loud enough and rushed all the jokes. Let’s just say his heart didn’t seem in it. Had the line not been so long I would have considered riding again.

After the disappointment of the Jungle Cruise we headed over to the Barnstormer. It was a ride that most of the kids could ride and it was not far from our next Fast Pass. The two little ones had fallen asleep so I agreed to stay back. I also had two of my nephews decide they weren’t in the mood to ride either. So we just hung out and chatted a little while the others rode The Barnstormer. It’s funny how exhausting just being in the heat can be. Near by is Casey Jr’s Splash ‘N’ Soak Station. We stayed away from it for the most part mainly because how fun is it to walk around with wet shorts. Ironically when we were walking over to another section of the park it started raining. It was actually kind of nice and we dried quickly thanks to the humidity.

George’s sister and her family decided to go check out some other rides and we would meet back up with them later. We made our way over to the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Try saying that 3 times fast. We had a little more time to kill and wanted another break from the heat we decided to see what Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress was all about. It was in an air conditioned room, no walking, and kind of like a movie. It was interesting honestly. It was about advances in technology over time. You would hear about one era and then the revolving theater would move you onto the next. It is a ride that Walt Disney himself created and seemed to have spent alot of time and energy putting together. So I say it was interesting because it was so very obvious that the last era was stuck in the 80’s. We have made so many advances since well the internet that I guess it makes it hard to update the ride. It was hard keeping the two boys seated but the older four seemed to enjoy it.

To Be Continued…….


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