7 Wonders and homeschooling

A couple of weeks ago we picked up a new game at the comic book shop. Before we buy a game to tend to check out reviews on amazon.com as well as BoardgamegeekBoardgamegeek is the game version of wikipedia. It has every game you can think of. By game I mean board, card, etc. aka table top games.
So back to 7wonders. I thought it was a board game when actually its a card game.This game is not easy to start out. There are alot of symbols and rules to try and understand. Before we started playing we did the smart thing and consulted youtube. Well youtube and the game manual. You can check out on few good tutorials on Watchitplayed youtube channel. The videos do a really good job of explaining the gameplay and rules but if your like me I’d rather try it out and see what happens.
Our first play through the game included Jem, Pippi, my husband and myself. So familiarizing ourselves with the game took a little longer. The next time we were able to easily teach Bubbles how to play too. There aren’t a lot of pieces to worry about because its mostly cards. The other pieces are coins and tokens. The biggest piece of the game is the wonder board that displays one of the wonders of the world. My favorite as far as artistically has to be Babylon.
So the one thing I always want to know is how do I win. It’s on everybody’s mind right? To win you must have the most victory points. The ways to do this are building wonders, growing your army, building marketplaces, and a few other things. This is where things get tricky. There are rules for scoring each set of cards, etc. The good news is once you figure out the scoring it’s not so bad.
So I bet you are wondering what this has to do with homeschooling,right? Well, it has a lot to do with homeschool. The biggest and my favorite aspect is the critical thinking. With so many ways to earn victory points and 3 eras to go through, there’s a lot of brain power being used. There’s also a lot of mental math and pencil, paper or calculator math. Don’t forget the reading. There aren’t a lot of words on the cards but there is still the game manual. Oh wait, I think I forgot something very important. Social and how to be a good loser. Both of these to me are very important skills. I enjoy playing a game with family or friends and chatting about different things. As well as playing with other people who see the fun in games as much as I do. It’s less about who wins and more about the experience.

It’s been great finding a board game we can play with the girls. We are very happy with our purchase of 7 Wonders and plan to play again soon. I hope you’re excited because each month I plan to share a review of a new board game. If you have a game recommendation or any suggestions for an upcoming post please comment below or email me at adventureswithsix@gmail.com

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