100 Days of School-2016

Our 100th day of school is fast approaching. Every year I try to find new worksheets, videos, snacks, and crafts to help us celebrate. Because I am kinda a planner at heart I am happy to share what my plan is for this year.

1. Watch and Do:Let’s Get Fit/Count to 100

2. Color:100 day hat

3. Watch and Do:Count by 5’s/ Exercise and count by 5’s

4. Make:100 day book

5. Watch: 100 Shopkins unboxing

6. Read:100 book

7. Do:Before I turn 100 years old worksheet

8. Watch: 100 years of Home Innovation

9. Watch: 100 years of Christmas Desserts

10: Do: Pizza toppings worksheet

11. Watch: 100 brown bag lunches

12. Read: 100 book

13. Do: Roll and Color worksheet

14. Watch: 100 Zach King tricks

15. One smart cookie 100 day snack

For more 100 day great ideas check me out on Pinterest or check out what we have done previous years here.

Happy planning and Happy 100 day!



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