Multigame Share……. 5 games at once

I’m happy to report that recently we were able to make a trip to our favorite local game shop.Third Eye Games and Hobbies is an amazing game shop with loads of games to choose from. If you live an hour or so from Annapolis or even if you live a little further this place is worth the drive. The store is huge and the staff are amazing. They are always willing to help you find a game to meet your needs as well as introduce you to some awesomely great new games.

Our latest trip to Third Eye Games and Hobbies was quite fruitful. Pippi choose Tempurra, George picked Castle Dice, Jem grabbed the Flight expansion for Evolution, I excitedly found Oh Gnome You Don’t, and Baby Kermit stumbled upon Get Bit. I’ve decided to wrap up our year of sharing board games by telling you a little bit about each game.

1. Get Bit– This a quick and fun game plus great for travel. The box includes 6 figures, 43 cards, a shark figure and the rules. This game is for 2-6 players and can take even where from 10-20 minutes to play. The basic play of the game is don’t get eaten by the shark. Feed your friends to the shark first. Baby Kermit loves this game for the fact that there’s a shark and then you can take the figures apart. I really don’t understand how to play or why on earth sharks want to eat robots. It’s easy and quick to play anywhere. And its plastic which means very durable.

2. Tempurra– This is a super cute cat card game. The box includes 72 dish cards, 17 action cards, 6 indigestion cards, 15 indigestion tokens, 1 play direction token, and a rule book. This game is for 3-7 players and a play-through should take about 20 minutes.The only part that can get tricky is some more complex math when figuring how many cards you need to pick up. This game is about cats eating and making sure they don’t get indigestion. The best part of this game is the very cute cat art.

3. Oh Gnome You Don’t – This is a hilarious gnome themed game. The box includes game board, a gob of gems, 6 gnome moving pieces, 1 die, 60 brawl cards, 104 draw cards, and rules. This game is for 2-6 players and can take as long as 1 hour and 30 mins. The box says 13+ but again I’m not sure why aside for the small gem pieces and maybe the Brawl aspect of the game. We did a play-through of the game minus the Brawl aspect and had a good time aside from maybe losing some gems (my fault). I love the theme as well as the very adorable art on the game board and cards.

4. Castle Dice– This is a game about using custom dice to build a castle. The box includes 63 resource dice, 107 cards, 4 player mats, 1 turn tacker mat, 1 solo play die, 100 animal tokens, 60 villager tokens, 21 tracking beads, and 1 rule book. This game is for 1-4 players and should take about 45 minutes to play. George played through this one with the girls and to be honest I didn’t do much other than take pictures. Pippi said “It was Awesome! It’s fun rolling the dice and seeing other people put down cards.” Jem says “I hate when I roll like 8 barbarians!” Bubbles said “I like it cause there’s so many dice in it and you roll and you dont know what you are going to get. And barbarians are kinda mean. They take all your stuff.”

5. Evolution: Flight – This is an expansion to the popular Evolution game. The box includes 1 cliff board, 12 avian species boards, 34 trait cards, 14 event cards, 12 cardboard flight trait cards, and a rule book.The game is for 2-6 players and an average game should take about 1 hour. It mostly just adds the option to make your creatures fly. The variations are enough to add a little something to the game but not make it too complex. We haven’t had the chance to do a play-through but I’m sure it will be funner than the original.



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