Red Mountain Park, AL is Awesome!

We went to Red mountain to walk and to see Mr. Steve, Mine hole’s and nature. I saw lots of big leaves. We also saw a huge statue of spectacles. Spectacles are glasses. There were a whole lot of trees.

We walked a lot to see two mine holes. There were different trails to take and we went down a random path. On the way we saw mine hole 13. The last thing we saw was people zip lining. I personally think Red Mountain is Awesome! I hope we go there again!

Anyway, after we went to get ice cream. It was my first time eating Dippin ’Dots. I got birthday cake. They were good😊. Pooh got a king cone, baby Kermit got a popsicle. It fell on the floor :(. Duke got a Oreo cone. Jem and Pippi had Icees. Then Mr. Steve played a trick on me. Everyone laughed but me! Then we went home.

The end now you may stop reading this.


p.s good bye



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