Spiders Vs Butterflies by Pippi

Hi, Pippi here I’m writing this so that you may understand my fear of spiders and understand why I love butterflies.

Mom and I dislike spiders for many reasons but mostly because, they get in your shoes, under your bed, in your hair and basically anywhere. And what if scientist found out how to make things bigger. Just imagine giant spiders roaming the streets and making giant webs all over the place. But maybe that won’t happen, but spider could grow huge.  Just saying. . .

I like butterflies not spiders. Butterflies have really pretty wings and they are so colorful.  Butterflies drink nectar not bug blood. Butterflies don’t spin webs. Come on why can’t spiders stay outside like butterflies. You never see a butterfly flying around the house. Here is a poem I came up with to help you understand a little bit better.


                                                             O such good hiders

                                                              Those ugly spiders

                                                              Creepy, crawly

                                                              And o so sprawly

                                                              O that nasty arachnid

                              Even little Miss Muffet almost sat on it, Almost put her hat on it.


I sincerely hope that you now understand why I like butterflies and if you still like or love spiders then at least choose another insect to like. If you now fear giant spiders I am so sorry let’s hope the world does not come to that.

Your favorite of the six,

                                                                                      ~ Pippi  


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