Organized and Happy

So last year I ended the school year with hopes of getting better organized. I have spent the past 3 months or so rearranging our classroom as well as our books and materials. I have 7 different ways I use storage in our classroom. I use an over the door storage hanger for everyday supplies such as scissors, glue, pens, and stapler. It is nice to put the things I don’t want the kids to waste near the top. On the other side of the door is another type of over the door storage. Right now I am probably not using it to its potential but I am sure a better idea will come to me. I also use a changing table with baskets and cardboard magazine file holders for keeping our books organized. A different color for each subject in the magazine file holders. The baskets I use for games, educational coloring books, and other supplemental materials that make that subject fun. I use what was once kids toy storage to keep my pre-k & K materials separate from the other stuff. I recently purchased a set of hanging bags with the rack to hang them on. It seems to fit perfectly and workbooks fit inside the bags nicely. I utilize a bookshelf to keep our notebooks and folders in one easy to grab spot. It makes jotting down that days accomplishments quick and easy. Another shelf in the classroom is used for coloring books, crayons, and extra paper. The kids love having this available to write and draw at anytime. (of course when they have finished school) I have a set of drawers that our printer sits on. I use them drawers to store paper, card stock, extra folders, and laminator. Out of site but never out of mind. Last but not least is my hanging folder storage. It is used for storing file folder games, handwriting sheets, or other extra things printed. Getting organized has been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Finding a place for everything and being able to find it later is quite nice.  Do you have some great storage/organizations tips? Please share your ideas!


2 thoughts on “Organized and Happy

  1. Your organizing looks very well thought out….well done.

    I don’t homeschool but we do have a room that holds toys, books, board games and a zillion craft supplies. I found it essential to have a small caddy with some wet wipes for cleaning sticky fingers, some homemade 50/50 water-vinegar solution in a spray bottle with some cleaning cloths for wiping down tables, walls, windows etc, a roll of paper towels for spills and some newspaper to put under certain craft projects. It’s nice to have all this close at hand rather than having kids running through the house with paint colored hands looking for something to clean up with.

    Good luck with your upcoming school year!

    Mrs. C.


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