Jem’s Fairy Tea Party

For Jem’s 8th Birthday this year we decided to have a fairy tea party. Any excuse for Jem to be super girly is ok with her. We started planning months ahead  by deciding how many girls she would invite, what activities she would like to do, what kind of snack she would like to have, how to decorate. It wasn’t too hard for her to choose 9 girls to invite. I like to keep the numbers down to manageable and more enjoyable number. The tea party part being obvious we talked about having a dress up area and a few games. I did some research for snacks and found a few I thought would taste good and be easy to make. As far as decorations I knew we needed flowers to make it feel like a garden and a shaded area so the girls could keep cool.

We made sure to get the party invites out about a month in advance to give the parents enough notice to be able to RSVP. Jem also decided she wanted fairy wings so that all the girls could dress up for the party. The thought of making 12 pairs of wings seemed a little overwhelming. Thankfully someone told me about Halo Heaven. I was able to find not only cheap but cute fairy wings but also hair bands, flowers and favors for goodie bags. $30 for about 30 items worked out perfectly. For snacks I found a few recipes such as a fairy wands made with fruit and a skewer as well as fairy toast which is buttered toast with sprinkles. For decorations we started to save Gatorade bottles and wire hangers to make flowers to decorate the fence. A friend also gave us some bird cages I thought would be cute to decorate and hang outside. As far as shade we set up a canopy in the back yard and bought an umbrella for our patio table. Everything seemed to come together pretty easily.

The day of the party my husband took the kids out so I would have plenty of time to decorate and prepare for the party. Things didn’t go as planned. Somehow I got the time of the party wrong and ended up in a time crunch. Thankfully I was able to pull everything together before any showed up. It was an easy party as only a few girls showed up. They just ended up playing and eating freely in our back yard.They ate until their heart’s content. They played dress up. No need for games or organized fun. We sang Happy Birthday and she opened her gifts. The girls did their best to help clean up afterwards. The excitement of two sisters and friends of Jem and Pippi’s spending the night kept them pretty busy.

I would have to say it was a successful party. What does a successful party mean to me? The girls having a fun time and the birthday girl loving every minute of it. It’s nice to be treated like a queen for a day. We have 2 more parties this year. One party for Baby Kermit turning 1 and Pooh turning 2 and the other a pirate 5th birthday party for Duke. I should probably get back to planning. 😉
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