The American History Museum, DC and Three Sisters Stew

NovEarlyDec2014 001We choose a day in the fall to take a trip downtown. We don’t do many of these because of the large number of people that frequent the city. I am not a huge fan of crowds.Why would I be, I have 6 kids to keep tabs on. Anyways, we decided we would ride the Metro downtown as parking is a tricky dance. It’s even harder for us because of our 12-passenger van. The kids seem to enough the Metro. I just wish all the interesting people didn’t make me so nervous. We had to stop and switch from one line to the other but we made it to the American History Museum.
I had eaten at the cafeteria style restaurant before with the kids Godmother and close friend when her family came down to visit last year. Point is I had a plan about lunch seeing as how we weren’t able to leave the house until after 1030 or so. We all ate well at The Stars and Stripes Cafe. The food was good and the kids were happy. Maybe. The TV nearby was showing and talking about how they stuff the animals to preserve them for the exhibits in the different Smithsonian Museums. The girls were a little grossed out but that didn’t stop them from watching. Not the most appropriate TV show to watch while you eat.
After lunch I came up with a plan, Start from the top floor and work our way down. This worked out pretty well as I think we saw majority of the exhibits. I would have to say our favorite was the Star Spangled Banner Exhibit. Just hearing the full story behind it was amazing. But also being able to see Our Great Flag, symbol of our country goes without words. If you have the opportunity, Do not miss that Exhibit.
The other exhibit the kids enjoyed the most was the America on the Move. Being that half of our kids are boys it was nice to see an exhibit about transportation. The kids pointed out how one car was different from the others. Their favorite was what they called The Monster Truck Bus. Being that they are homeschooled they have an odd love of buses. We quickly wrapped up our visit and headed outside.
We thought about maybe going to see the Washington Monument but as you can imagine the line was very very very very very long. So then my husband decided we should go visit the Smithsonian Castle. The short walk there was interesting as most of us were already tired of walking. If you have never been there it’s not what I expected. It is pretty much a information center with a gift shop and some exhibits about souvenirs.
It was a nice day out. Once we arrived home we decided to start working on dinner. I had recently won a 3 month subscription to Raddish. Raddish is an awesome company that sends food related packages in the mail. Each package contains 3 recipes, a craft, and a few other things. Our first package came in October. It contained a recipe Three Sisters Stew. The recipe contained butternut squash, chicken, black beans, and corn. It was fun getting everyone involved with helping. The kids couldn’t wait to try something new. It was fun that all 4 of the older kids helped prepare dinner.

After a busy day downtown and a family prepared meal we were all exhausted. I am very greatful to have such a loving and fun family. Stay tuned for a post about some new recipes that we have tried and loved. Don’t forget to check out my CrafteeKim Pinterest board with loads of yummy recipes.

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