New Improved Mom Binder

It’s that time of year again. Time for school to start back up. We tend to start school early August do that we can finish up by early May. Last year I shared my Mom Binder with you, I have improved it quite a bit. I kept a few of my favorite things to include in my New and Improved Mom Binder. The first thing I like to include in my binder is a dual year calendar. I also kept my attendance calendar, School rules, supply list and field trip log. Check out my Mom Binder for the links to these. One of the new things I added were monthly calendars from August until May. I use these to plan out breaks, Saints of the week, Holy Days of Obligation, and any upcoming events such as Birthdays. This also helps me to plan a start and end date. 180 days of school. This is the first year I decided to plan out our breaks. I thought maybe it would help us stay on track especially with our Disney trip coming up and not knowing what next year will bring for us.
This year I have decided to include my lesson plan in my Mom Binder. The main reason being that each kiddo will have a few varying levels on certain subjects. George was kind enough to create a lesson plan. It includes the days of the week and a nice size square for each of the older kiddos: Pippi, Jem, Bubbles, and Duke. I am excited to have a way to keep all the kids assignments in order on one lesson plan.
I also decided it would be a good idea to kept my letters of intent in my binder. I also thought keeping legal proof was a really good idea. DC has made it so that you can submit your letter of intent online. I may try it out this year.
I am hoping by being more organized that I will be able to keep better track of things. Stay tuned for a post about what curriculum we will be using this year as well as one about the kids improved binders.


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