Castle Panic

In case you missed it,this year we will be reviewing 12 board games. So far we’ve reviewed 7 Wonders, Posthuman, Evolution, and Survive. I’m really excited to share this months game: Castle Panic. You can find this game to purchase on Amazon, Fireside Games, or Target. You can also buy different variations here. (Also be sure to check out Here Kitty, Kitty.) It is a perfect cooperative game for families.The game company says for ages 10+ but Bubbles (7) can play with a little explanation of some of the cards. Duke (6) needs a little more help but loves to draw and roll for monsters. This game is really easy to play with a quick read of the rules. The board contains the special rules for certain monsters as well as the order of play. The set up is quick and the mechanics are easy to understand. The object of the game is to slay all the monsters and have 1 tower still standing. Each player takes turns drawing cards and using their cards to slay as many monsters during their turn as they can. We all work together to save the towers of the castle from the relentless horde of monsters. Most of the time we forget how boulders work and end up winning. Other times we win by trading cards more than we should. We are just so focused on slaying all the monsters and saving our towers that we forget things.

We recently tried out the Wizards Tower expansion to Castle Panic. There are added monsters as well as bosses, a wizards tower, wizard deck, and castle cards. These pieces are a great addition to the game. It does make the game harder but I think it also makes it more fun.This expansion also makes the game run longer. The regular game takes about an hour while the expansion adds at least an hour to game play. Yes, I know two hours is alot of time to dedicate to a game but it is well worth the family time and fun.

Not sure how you could call this school? Pay close attention. Anytime dice are involved I think Probabilities. There’s some Reading Comprehension with the reading and understanding the rules. There’s some Math with subtracting each time you hit a monster. My favorite part being the cooperative aspect which is teaching the kids to work together. Board games don’t have to be educationally themed in order to teach the kids something. I find the more fun the kids have the more they learn. Happy Gaming!

If you have any suggestions of games you would like to see a review off or would like to learn more about the board games we play feel free to email me at



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